I seriously need to get a life! LOL!

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  1. OK, so I watched Miami Ink (tattoo show on TLC) last week and thought I caught a glimpse of a Coach purse. So I knew they would repeat the episode this week.....and I DVR'd it!! Just to see if it really was a Coach bag!

    It was :yes: . The gold version of the black Hamptons weekend hobo I have: http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/drilldown1/117_d1.jpg

    And then of course, I had to run over here and tell you all! LOL!

    Sadly, the reason I knew it was that bag, was because her's fell off her shoulder the EXACT same way mine does!
  2. Oh I do that too! I am always on Coach watch
  3. macys has the gold weekend hampton style bags
  4. Maybe it is time to check out Macy's. They have a coupon for free shipping, right now.
  5. i think it excludes coach, and they dont have the gold on the website
  6. Mine always fell off my shoulder too. I took off the leather shoulder pad and it totally fixed it. Just FYI!
  7. Ooooh.....good idea! I am going to take off that leather pad right now, as that's the bag I'm carrying this week! Thanks :yes:
  8. I haven't DVRed anything to confirm a Coach, but was watching an epidode of the Riches and was about to turn it off when I saw that Minnie Driver was wearing a bag that I thought was Coach - I had to keep watching the episode until they showed her again and I could confirm what it was - dylan braided hobo in tobacco! Yes, we're sick, but it's a fun sickness!
  9. LOL that is so funny.. I watch tv too and see lots of coach bags.. LOL
  10. Beth Smith - Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife - wears a Coach signature fanny pack a lot - she also has a pink signature tote of some sort -

    OK now I've admitted that I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter!
  11. i watch soo much tv (dare say addict!) and i always forget to look for bags!!!!!!! i dont know why but it never crosses my mind then i read on here ppl spotting different ones and i vow ill rememeber, and then i dont haha ! :smile: this time i WILL remember!!

    AND BTW LOOOOOOVEEE MIAMI INK! ;) im a tattoo fanatic so thats like my fav show ever, but it just makes me want more and more tattoos soo bad haha!
  12. OT: Bessie, do you have tattoos? Nosey, I know! I love that show too just because I like seeing the artwork! I don't want a tattoo though! I'm too fickle about things that I like. I'd get one and then in 2 weeks not like it anymore! LOL!

    Back on topic: I do the same, watch shows looking out for Coach bags or I read magazines now looking for Coach!
  13. OMG... I :heart: Miami Ink!
  14. I love Miami Ink too :heart: ! I have wanted a tattoo for years but my ultra-conservative hubby won't let me :sad: . He and I both love baseball, and he still plays baseball, so what I want is a baseball, but in place of the seams, my daughters' names. You'd think he'd agree to that!

    Oh, and the main reason I love that show is that Chris Nunez is HOT!! :sweatdrop:
  15. haha o my god nunez is def so cute!!!

    and that is SUCH a cute tattoo idea!! :smile: i love it!!

    he should agree to it i mean it represents something you both love and your children together!!!

    :smile: there are so many discreet places to put tattoos too he wouldnt have to see it every day or anything!

    i have 14 tattoos and no one ever even knows i have one unless i show them!