I SERIOUSLY need some help gals!! Give me your input.........

  1. Ok so I went crazy and bought too many bags and some HAVE to go back but I can't decide which so I need some input from you all.

    This is what I have - and I only want one bag per print:

    Pirata: ciao (already used so would have to sell) and mamma mia

    LAmore: bella (i'm worried about the lightness of this bag and keeping it clean - also not sure I LOVE it yet - still nwt)

    Spiaggia: ciao and mamma mia

    Do you guys even like the LAmore print?? I'm having second thoughts about it. I feel like it's a bit more "childish" than the other two I have and also the gold is REALLY bright gold and I'm not a gold person. And then there's the fact that it's such a light fabric and the tan straps that I think it's get dirty fast which is why I bought it in a smaller bag but do you guys even like the bella as far as style?? I thought of getting this in a ciao (since I sorta do want something that would be good for travel) but I think it might get really dirty then being on my hip and rubbing on my pants/jeans.

    SO what do you think?? Oh and I have denaros and ports for all three prints. :rolleyes:
  2. I like the lamore print :biggrin: but only in small doses. I have the ciao but the back has gotten dirty from rubbing against my jeans :sad: I don't scotchguard my baggies either (even tho I really should)

    I'd say keep the pirata ciao since it looks very cute on you already! It's a known fact :graucho: and the spiaggia mamma mia since the spiaggia is a beach print and it goes so well w/ the tote style! but that's just my opinion :biggrin:
  3. I'm not a pirata person so I can't give my input on that.
    I LOVE the amore, I just hope it will look as good as I think it will, I got a BV and I was thinking about a bella too, just couldn't find one with cactus dogs on the front.

    I'd keep the amore and spiaggia in MM since I like that style, and maybe the ciao in the pirata since you already used it anyway and this way you'll have a ciao and a mamma mia and 2 prints.

    But that's just me. =]

    I say just line up all of them and see what makes you go :love: and keep those.
  4. I love lamore! I don't think of it as any more childish than spiaggia or paradiso or inferno. As far as colors...if you're worried about clothes rubbing off on it...all I can tell you is that I've carried my lamore campeggio slung over my body full of stuff almost daily for a month and its not the least bit dirty! Not the straps or the fabric. I also did a double coating of protect all it before I ever used it....don't know if that is why or not. But nothing on my clothing has rubbed off on it and I always carry it across my body.

    I don't know if info helps or not? I say keep the ciao in the pirata if you like the print and since you've already used it. Keep the mamma mia in the spiaggia so you have a different style to carry from the ciao! And I don't own a bella, but I think it looks very cute in the lamore print.

    But you know how good your print placement is and how much you really like each piece. I wanted to get dif. styles in dif. prints but truly, I seem to keep carrying the campeggio almost daily so....I'm buying mostly campeggios! It really depends on what your lifestyle demands! On a personal preference, I love ciaos. I don't own any mamma mias...but that's because I'm not a toter.;)
  5. Need comparison pics to help you decide. :graucho:
  6. will post pics later, gotta clean up the house.......parents are coming over! :wtf:
  7. I don't know what to tell you...but I love the Amore print :biggrin:
  8. i would keep the pirata ciao and the spiaggia mm. i have a bella, but i don't use it a lot. i like amore bc of the bright spring colors...and my stellina hasn't gotten dirty and i didn't scotchguard it either. its so hard to decide sometimes. good luck!
  9. I love Amore. It's why I have so many. And if I happened to come across a Zucca on sale I'd buy that too.

    I do not think it's as childish as Inferno, Paradiso or Foresta. (All of which I love too). HAven't seen SPiaggia IRL yet.

    And yeah I like the Bella. If it were not $50 more than the Dolce it would be my favorite "small" bag. It's such a pretty shape, but it IS small.

    If it were me I'd keep all of 'em but then I'm more addicted than most. But if YOU don't love it then don't keep it.
  10. Well, I love my Pirata Ciao and when it rubs it doesn't show much since it's darker colors.
    Lamore I happen to really like. I have a Campeggio and it's already dirty after being used once. A shorter bag is probably easier to keep clean though. Personally though the Bella doesn't really do it for me. :shrugs:
    Spiaggia hmm... do you want another Ciao? This is probably a good print for it since it's a little darker but if you don't have a mamma mia yet keep the mamma mia :yes:
  11. Oh I'd need to see pics... Especially of your spiaggia mamma mia, since I want one in that style :girlsigh:
  12. I thought they are not making spiaggia mm? where did you get yours from? I want one too....
    Definitely post pics please!!!