I Seriously Need Help!

  1. So I finally got done with my wishlist, and it's 31 items long.

    I need help. :shame:

    How many items (you don't have to list them) are on your wishlist?
  2. lol.. it's never-ending
  3. Hahah I might have four things...but I agree with kookielf, new stuffs coming out every week. The list will never end.
  4. LOL...maybe you could split them up between short-term and long-term goals to make it a bit more manageable! ;)
  5. I only put on what I will realistically get for the year....what's left for '07 is the bv and the mono pochette or mini mono papillon.

    BUT I have a mental wish list that is longer, about 3 bags and 2 accessories longer, lol. I can only afford to get one bag and one accessory a year so that's what I put on the list for that year.

    My future wishlist is the following: azur speedy 30 April '08 elux
    damier marais at some point off eBay
    epi speedy 25 in mandarin off eBay

    For all I know next year in '08 I could switch the azur speedy for the mandarin one, I just know that in '08 I am definitely getting a bag that will look springy/summery. Right now I'm still focusing on the basics as I'm just starting out collecting.
  6. I went through the website and wrote down every item I would like it totals....are you sitting down.....

    £70, 000

    I think it may take some time to get through :yes: and it doesn't include any duscontinued items and that a pretty big list too
  7. taller than me, LOL
  8. I only listed 2 must buy items, but I actually bought a lot of "extra" items:push:
  9. my wish list (see below) changes almost weekly. that's because i can't make up my mind. anyway, i'm on my way to the store today to see if i can tick one off my list (the roxbury in pomme d amour). wish me luck!!!
  10. Waaay too many. What I have listed on my written wishlist is a VERY edited down version that doesn't include anything I just might decide to buy along the way. :graucho:
  11. I really don't have a wish list. Oh, there are a few items that I may want, and when the mood strikes, I'll get them, basically, during spring/summer vacation when I can be home and meet the Fed Ex man.
  12. A watch better be in there! Haha. I don't think I want to know the total of mine.
  13. I finished off my wishlist a couple weeks ago, hence my ban.

    But LV just started selling the wallet I have wanted for a long time, the damier zippy. So now I want that.

    I mean, I have other bags I WISH I could get, but I really can't afford anything right now and feel pretty happy with my collection.
  14. Lol..it's a pretty long list..off of the top of my head so far:
    -Trompe L'oeil Pochette
    -Shine Mckenna
    -Red/Creme CB Papillon
    -Silver Graffiti pochette
    -Pomme Cles
    -Pomme Inclusion ring
    -Pomme Inclusion Speedy keyring
    -Pomme Inclusion PM bangle
    -Damier Keepall 50
    -Amarante Inclusion Speedy keyring (in June)
  15. right now I only have ABOUT 25 things on my wishlist that I'll NEVER be able to get, but about 3 TOP things!!!