I sent these back today :(

  1. [​IMG]they were too small...they run a whole size smaller than what I normally wear..should I get another pair..Im on the fence..(NM website pic)
  2. If you really like it then exchange it for the right size. Do you have another pair you'd rather get?
  3. Thats the problem...I have boxes of sandals...but I live for every season of summer sandals as I wear them year round...I think they are so cute!! Tomorrow I will find a pair that are so cute..and so on...I think I will wait a week and see what I find in Chicago. (then they will be gone on NM) :smile:
  4. I really like them. You should get another pair!
  5. Yes, it's best to find something you love. It's worth the wait :biggrin:
  6. Very nice! You should order another pair in your size.
  7. They are cute!
    I think you should get the pair in your size, then go to Chicago and see what you find there, and then make the decision!
    Best of both worlds shopping policy...!

  8. Ditto! Get them in your size so you won't lose them. You can always return them after your trip if you change your mind:biggrin: