I sent PayPal payment to unregistered user?

  1. I recently won a mini on eBay and forwarded payment to the seller through eBay's system. And she told me she would be shipping it out the next day. Then today I get an e-mail from PayPal saying that I recently sent funds to an unregistered user and that I should cancel the payment. (eBay says that my payment is pending) I'm afraid to e-mail the seller in case she's putting up some weird kind of scam to get information from my account in some bazaar way I can't even think of so maybe I should cancel immediately and not give her a chance to react? But what if she really did send the mini? I wouldn't want to cancel the payment in that case it may cause her to leave me neg feedback. Or I wonder if PayPal even contacted her about the payment if she is an unregistered user. Should I wait to see if the mini to arrives then act? What do you guys recommend I should do? This has never happened to me before and frankly, I'm quite baffled! :blink: Why would she say that she's sending it? And if she wasn't notified of the payment, wouldn't she e-mail me to ask me to pay? I'm really confused :Push:
  2. If paypal is telling you to cancel, I would cancel! Worst that can happen is that it's a mistake and you can send fund later.
    Cancel your payment, now.
  3. Beware of phishing emails and contact Paypal instead of replying to their email. That's the first thing to check: make sure the information is truly requested from Paypal. If Paypal confirms you should cancel the payment, immediately write to the seller to explain the situation and apologise.

    No seller could blame you for not being able to pay by having the "banking/payment" organisation requesting you to withdraw your payment. ou can probably settle in another way, but be very cautious: this does not really scream trsutful to me...

    Keep us informed.
  4. Oh dear Jennifer. If this is a legit email from PP, I think you should cancel your payment immediately as advised. But I agree that you should first and foremost find out if the email is indeed from PP, not some spoof. Is the seller showing NARU status on eBay?
  5. If Paypal is in reality showing the payment as pending (don't follow a link from the email to your account), then she hasn't gotten paid and yes--you should take their advice.
  6. Whatever you do...don't click on any of the links in that email! Manually go to the paypal website and check.
    I just got a phishing email yesterday claiming I sent a payment of $300 to someone and a link below to cancel the payment.
    The crooks are just getting more and more sophisticated....it really really looked like a paypal email (and they even had our name on the email)...but when I held my cursor over the link, it was to some obscure place that had nothing to do with paypal.
    You can also send the email to spoof@paypal.com and they'll check it out for you.
  7. one way you can tell if the payment is pending, is look at your bought items in your My Ebay screen. If there is a dollar sign showing, it means you paid. If there is an hour glass showing, it means it's pending.
  8. Maybe you could call paypal. I would cancel this payment and then contact the seller. If the merchandise was sent to me c.o.d. I would feel better about my purchase. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Okay so yesterday I cancelled the payment and sent the seller an e-mail yesterday. I get an e=mail back today. This is what she said:

    Sorry for late reply having LOADS!!!! of problems with Paypal, i still haven't recieved payment, theyve suggested i contact you have the payment recalled and sent again... why cant life be simple??

    Mind you now I sent payment on Friday...something sounds fishy about this woman. Her account is unregistered under the e-mail address she linked with eBay. What do you guys suggest I should do from here? I asked her if she signed up with the corrected e-mail address and I'm still waiting to hear back.
  10. Call Paypal first.. and reconfirmed with them about whats going on before taking any action.
  11. i would call in person too.... i get wierd spoof emails all the time .... its pretty scary. call paypal now!! the number is on their website.
  12. Definitely do not send payment to an unregistered user! Call Paypal and
    verify what the story is. Let us know what happens..
  13. I always wonder when people say they are having "loads of problems with Paypal". Granted, no one wants to pay the fees, but I have used them for 4 years without a hitch. Go with your gut feeling. Last time I ignored my gut feeling I woke up on a plane bound for Belgrade.

  14. Call me stupid but umm...are you being literal here? :P
  15. Actually, yes. No, you are far from stupid. I, however, was, a few times.