i sent my coach in for repair now i miss it :(

  1. i sent in my black/white sig tote in for repair and now i miss my bag :crybaby:
    i sent it in because the corners were fraying

    if they cant fix it will they send the bag back to me?
    now the gunmetal tote is off the website if they couldnt fix my tote, i was going to buy that one to replace my damaged tote

    i'm a little sad now
  2. What happened to your tote. I have the same exact one!
  3. If they can't fix it they will give you credit for the price of the bag including tax. I have had Coach do that to me twice now.. once for my Chelsea hobo that had 2 stitches out of the handle :shrugs: and now for a Carly that was frayed at the top. I hope you hear back soon and somehow it works out for you! :tup:
  4. Awww! I really hope they are able to fix your tote!
  5. Don't worry, I am sure that you will get your bag back. I am getting mine back from repair next week.
  6. When I sent my carly in I went through withdrawls!!!
  7. i have the same problem...i sent mine off a week ago...then i found the same one on coach so i bought it...i'll resell it when my old one comes...lol...now that's crazy
  8. I sent mine in a week ago too! I almost bought the gunmetal tote just incase they couldnt fix the black/white tote now i wish i did cuz the gunmetal tote is off the website! u r def. not crazy! let me know what how your repairs go!
  9. I think if you call JAX you might still be able to order the gunmetal tote. I can relate to how you feel. I would be upset if I had to send Ali anywhere !
  10. haha...i love it when I'm not crazy...it's just a simple repair...one of the side buttons that holds the strap in just popped off...i think its pretty replaceable