Alexander Wang I sent my bag to AW for repair...

Apr 29, 2008
When I was considering sending my bag back to Alexander Wang for repair, I couldn't find any threads from TPF'ers who had gone through the process.... Hopefully, my experience will be helpful.

My Brenda bag tore along the zipper after only carrying it a few times. The boutique where I purchased it was out of state and I didn't want to mail it back to them and my seamstress and shoemaker could not fix it. I called AW and they were nasty about the return, but finally said to mail it back along with a copy of my receipt and a letter detailing the repair. I was nervous just sending it off, but today, 6 weeks later received my bag back as good as new. I'm glad it all worked out and I can start enjoying my Brenda!

*want it all*

Jul 6, 2008
What do you mean by it "tore along the zipper"? Did the zipper portion come off the leather? :shocked: Did you take before/after pics, perchance? It's so sad that AW bags have various quality issues (not just limited to one style either). :sad: *knock on wood* for my 2 roccos. :sweatdrop:

ETA: I'm also miffed and disheartened by AW's (lack of) customer service; the company should stand behind its products, esp. if there is so little use to begin with...MY GOODNESS! :nono:


Apr 27, 2006
One of the studs on my Diego came out after only one use, I returned it to BlueBee (out of state) and they took care of everything for me, including return shipping and back to be. BB had excellent customer service, so disappointed they closed.
Glad it all worked out for you.


Aug 22, 2008
weird, I've used and abused my Luggage Brenda (one of the earlier versions) and everything is still completely fine -- no rips, no tears, no ripping of the piping around the edges, thank the lord!

Wonder if yours is a newer one?