I sent back my Joy Medium Tote in Beige Ebony

  1. I ordered this bag:


    thinking it would be a nice casual bag, but when I received it, all I could focus on was the Gucci "G's" and how cheap (fake) they looked. For some reason they looked almost blurry. Does anyone else have this bag in this color and notice the same thing? I sent it back to Saks for a refund. I initially wanted the white anyway, however the white was Presale at the time, but now I just don't know if I even want to chance it again.

  2. thats just because it is the gucci plus...thats how the gucci plus beige looks :smile:]

    hope u find ur dream bag!
  3. Gucci Plus? I have never heard of that term before.
  4. yeah, its the coated canvas. Most of the luggages are made out of that
    material. I think its just individual preference. The white looks very cute!!
  5. I just went to Sak's today and tried both the boston and your bag in the white and I thought it was cute. I'm sorry you didn't like it. I would've bought it but I have to think about my holiday shopping for other people..
  6. Yeah, the GG plus is different from the GG canvas.. I guess it depends on how you prefer your bag material. Sorry to hear you didn't like it. Because it's coated, I was hesitant to purchase too.
  7. I love it and think is adorable. I like coated canvas as its easier to keep clean
  8. Is the Gucci logo on the coated canvas supposed to look blurry? I don't mind coated canvas at all - it's just that the "G's" looked very blurry.