I seen the maggie last night

  1. ooooh the leather is sooooo soft to touch. I forgot to look at the tag to see if it's made out of antelope or if the color was antelope :push:

    Anyhow, it's not big, like luggage... but it does have a lot going on. there is an outside pocket.
    The top has a kisslock type of closure so you pop that open and there are THREE more large compartments w/ their own closure... one is the kisslock, the middle part or the body of the bag has a zipper, and the other side is a push lock (you push the chloe button and it snaps open). Very rooooomy! :dothewave:

    They have a bouler this same style.. w/ only one main compartment and the outside pocket. It retails for $1635 USD.

    Love the leather, but it didn't seem like chloe to me. Even the SAs even commented it looked kinda Marni-ish :wtf:

    Funny thing though is that I brought w/ me my natural python silverado and the SAs kept trying to take it away because they thought it was left on the floor by accident. I was trying on chloe bags and left mine by the display. They did this 3 times... LOL :noggin: They were hoping it really wasn't mine as they wanted it for themselves!!! :nuts:
  2. :lol: Haha~ Funny!

    BTW, I would love to see the maggie IRL!!! The leather sound gorgeous!
  3. I saw the Maggie last weekend and I thought it was gorgeous! The leather is unbelievably soft - just like on my Ava :heart:

    I agree with D&G that it doesn't look very "Chloe" and looks very "Marni". I really like it though. That said, I doubt I will ever get one as it's not quite me :shrugs:
  4. I'm pretty sure the color is called antelope, and that it isn't made from antelopes. A Chloe SA described the one from the ads as a combination of antelope and whiskey in color. She went on to describe other color combinations as well.
  5. I saw the Maggie IRL Life and the leather does look gorgoues. I LOVE THIS BAG!
    I am hoping I can get it 1/2 off at the next AR Sale....whenever that is!
  6. That's hysterical D&G!!! I can just imagine the SAs seeing your gorgey python and wanting it for themselves!!
  7. Hi D & G...

    That's pretty funny about the SAs taking your bag! :lol:
    I saw the Maggie last weekend at Nordies... and the SA there demonstrated to me how cumbersome she thought the new style was. She didn't like the closure at all and was complaining that if you put too much in the bag it pops open and all your stuff would be on the floor.

    I thought the bag was pretty, but after she demo'd that, it kind of turned me off completely to actually being able to use this bag. :sad:

    the leather is quite gorgeous though.