I see this coming as a Limited ED. In 2007

  1. Can anyone else see LV making this ?. Monogram items in Azur colours. Called Monogram Azur. :nuts:
  2. I do not see it because they have the MC lines which do super well...daimer needed a spring/summer line hence the daimer azur...MC was only going to be LE but, because the demand was so high it became permanent...love MC...great idea though...the line would have to be a huge seller though...LE maybe who knows...
  3. No...I can't visualize the regular monogram in Azur colours...not a terrible idea, but regular monogram is classic!
  4. Do you see the possible Monogram Azur as having a light background w/ darker monogram, or dark background with lighter monogram?
  5. Why would you do that to the Classic Monogram?! It goes with EVERYTHING, so I don't really see a point for a more "spring/summer" line...that's what the multicolour basically is...
  6. I see it with the light cream colour as the background, I would think this would be like a limited edition. It would be like the Damier Vernis. Im sure it will be thought up some time in the future. I would love it :nuts:
  7. How could you have Damier Vernis?
  8. hmm.. no.. i dont think so.. though i'm DYING TO KNOW what the LE for spring/summer 07 is, because i'm going to vegas in march and i want to pick somehting up.
  9. I hope not. But then again, LV has butchered so many of their bags lately that anything is possible.:Push:
  10. Me too! I tend to prefer the spring/summer bags!
  11. oh yes.. living in almost always hot/warm conditions like texas & socal & florida will garner more favor for spring/summer items. haha. *high 5*
  12. Great idea I would love the see a wash version of the monogram.
  13. that would be disapointing and would make me :sick:
  14. Mmmh, interesting. I would be curious to see how it will look if they decide to do so.