I see a trend

  1. I just want everyone to know that I appreciate all of your help in deciding what to purchase in the days ahead before increase. I think its great, but also scary that I see that we all have the same issues over bags. This increase seems to be a real stress. Everyone is wondering what to do before it hits.
    I just hope everyone gets what they want and makes the right decisions and I hope we get through this increase with our pockets slightly full and not so empty. Remember, there are still so many seasons ahead of us-but so many classics to buy still. I wish all of us luck.....Now if I can just get that GST without getting distracted:p
  2. Amen to that.
  3. Well I think people should not get caught up in some pre-increase frenzy either. Don't go nuts and buy a bag(s) just because the price is going to increase. They'll probably turn out to be bags you didn't want in the first place and are only buying because you are caught up in the hype.

    But for those who are sure of their purchases - may the force be with you!:nuts:
  4. ^^
    Totally agreed with Mon... There are bags that I am potentially thinking about but my plan was to try and get them on my trip to Europe next year.. the price increase is making me re-think that... but I'm still trying to decide what is the better course of action.. cuz I definitely don't want to rush my purchase to beat the increase and not take the time to think about my purchase... it's a pretty big purchase! (well at least to me!)
  5. LOL! As a total newbie who almost stumbled upon the board, I've been feeling soooo much stress about everything. I now feel very clear and happy about my purchases. It's kind of a zen moment :biggrin:

    GL memyselfI and everyone else!
  6. I totally agree with Mon.
  7. I totally agree! my mom is in Las Vegas right now and as soon as i told her about the price increase she went " i'll talk to you later honey i have to go to Chanel" LOL
  8. words I'll try to live by for the next 2 months mon!
  9. I just want my watch and a CC holder and I swear I will not speak of bags until xmas!
  10. After a nice long sleep last night, I have realized that I am not buying anything unless I really want it. Don't hurt me, but I hate LV, but yet, I want a never full cause I think the big one is really cute. I am going back to my original love-HANDBAGS-all makes and models in general. As for the price increase-WHATEVER. Its not going to stop me from buying what I want. Whether its 18,000 or 3k. Let's face it ladies, we will buy what our heart desires no matter how many lunches we skip or sacrifices we make.
    Right now I feel really good about it. All bags are fabulous.
  11. it's true, when I have something in mind, I just have to get it no matter what price. For now, I'll wait until I really desire another Chanel bag--I'm thinking next year...
  12. i totally agree.