I searched 3 countries and 12 stores for this! REVEAL!

  1. I searched for months in US for this beauty and then searched 8 stores in Europe during my honeymoon to find it with no luck. Then upon my return in early June, my SA sends me a text saying he found it for me!

    Who's up for a reveal? IMG_1497324873.008226.jpg
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  2. Ready!
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  3. Here:idea:
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  4. I'm here!
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  5. IMG_1497325570.727564.jpg

    Any guesses?
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  6. I'm here! I will guess a M/L classic flap but would probably need more hints.

    Edited to add - just noticed the strap so I'm changing my guess to a Boy.
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  7. I'm guessing Boy!! Caviar, diamond quilting with GHW in old med size??
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  8. I'm guessing it's a boy!

    P.S. I did the same thing when I searched for mine back in 2013! LOL!
  9. Yes, a boy!!!
  10. That was my first boy bag, actually! I love it!
  11. Yup! It's a boy!
  12. IMG_1497326452.162111.jpg

    It's the So Black New Medium Le Boy! Originally, I wanted an old medium size like my first le boy, but after much thought I realized that a new medium would be more well suited for every day work purposes.

    My old medium will serve as a weekend bag and since that one has gold hardware, it looks a bit more dressy!

    I think I broke the bank in the last 30 days! I'm on ban island until Fall Act I!

    For those ladies who have both sizes, I have to ask - when I wear the new medium cross body it almost seems like a shorter strap than the old medium? Could it be because it's just boxier?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Thanks for letting me share!
  13. Congrats!!! I found inventory to be pretty low as well so I'm glad you found your baby!!
  14. Thank you! I was so getting so used to SAs telling me no. So many stock checks everywhere and no luck for old Medium. I guess the new medium was meant to be!
  15. Oh that's my dream boy, you are so lucky!!! Congrats on such a great find!!!

    I have both new-medium and old-medium Boys. I love the larger capacity of the new-med but tend to only carry it on my shoulder as i find it a bit too large for crossbody.
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