I Scored!!!

  1. :yahoo:I totally scored on jeans today!! I got a pair of Chip & Pepper jeans for $34.99!!! And a pair of Seven jeans for $29.99:nuts:

    I am so excited, I just had to share!
  2. WOW!! Congrats!! Those are very great bargains! May I know where u scored them?
  3. OOps...was a little too excited-forgot to mention that lol.
    Burlington Coat Factory-Their definitely more than great coats! lmao
  4. I remember when burlington used to have Z Cavs, they have come a long way. Great deals! Congrats!
  5. Great deal!
  6. Awesome deal!! I just cried a little because I just bought a new pair of Seven's retail! >< lol! But good find, wish we had a Burlington here!
  7. wow congrats!! what a bargain!
    i wish i lived in the states! =(
  8. congrats, I will definitely go check out my Burlington soon
  9. wow! those are the best deals! gotta check out burlington one of these days!
  10. Congrats!! I want 7s! Especially at that price... :graucho:
  11. Oh wow...I gotta go check out Burlington! Last time I was there mine looked kind of trashy!
  12. Yea we have 3 here in Vegas, I only go to 1 because the others are grosssss! I refuse to DIG through clothes.
  13. Congrats on your deals... im going to have to make a stop at Burlington
  14. WoW. I will have to go back to mine. It always looks nice, but i have never found 7 jeans for that!!!

  15. WOW, there is one about 10 minutes from here. I never thought of going there, I need to check it out