I scored!!

  1. awesome! I just bought a legacy shoulder bag on eBay that was missing the hangtag. I called coach, they ask for the full serial number and color and they'll send you one for free! for the stiching, take it to a store (to an SA you know if you can), and tell them that you bought it new and stiching undone (don't tell them about eBay), same thing happened to my mom's hobo, and the sa that we know waived the $20 fee. give it a shot.

    GREAT FIND! gorgeous bag!
  2. That's a GREAT price!
  3. Congrats!!
  4. There is no store near me but the truth is it was a "gift" My birthday is coming up and hubby is actually getting it, and hopefully can get the fee waived, I am more than willing to pay if I have too, I had called Coach before I ever thought of bidding to see if they also stand by pilot bags as well and of course I was told they do.
  5. WOW what a great price! Lovely bag congrats!
  6. Great buy! Congrats!
  7. awsome price!! CONGRADS!
  8. happy dance for you!!! i cant wait to see pics when you get!
  9. That's what makes eBay so exciting! Congrats - it's terrific.
  10. Wow! You really did score! Congrats... and I am SO jealous!
  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    congrats.. its a great bag!
  12. Very nice! and what a deal :yahoo:
  13. OMG congratulations!
    I was watching that, then when it hit 22 minutes left I started putting clothes together for work today. Before I knew it had already ended.
    I was kicking myself. But now I'm happy to know that it went to a fellow tpf'er!
    Congratulations =)
  14. Congrats!