I scored two classic Marc Jacobs bags from The Real Real

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  1. As I just said in another thread, The Real Real is a good place to go for classic bags. It's even better when they are not listed with the bag names and just use a generic title. I just recently got this lovely black quilted (unidentified in TRR listing) Blake for less than $100. The leather is excellent and the hardware is in great condition. I added the hang tag myself.
    And, just now FedEx came with my new goodie. This was listed as "Quilted Leather Shoulder bag," but it's actually a light grey Bruna. It had been marked down, and I had a $25 site credit, so I got this (with tax and shipping) for...$67.50, baby!!!
    A good haul!
    20180803_085228.jpg 20180803_114541 (2).jpg 20180803_114735.jpg
  2. I decided to put together a family picture.
  3. Love the family photo and congrats on your new bags! TRR pricing is so random but you can get some great deals if you know what you're looking at.
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  4. Congratulations I really love MJs quilted classic bags, I hope they make a comeback soon.
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  5. Okay. I'm incorrigible. I just ordered another one - a blue embossed leather Stam from the 2007 (I think) Cruise collection.
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  6. Nice find!
    I recently made my first Gucci purchase on the real real .I also got 25% off so it was very affordable for a preloved bag.
    I'm very happy with it even though it's older. It has a classic look because it's a simple design.
    I'll definitely be shopping with them again soon!
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  7. I have been finding great deals on all sorts of great quality merchandise. And I have many times found the same items for sale on Tradesy for much more money, and Tradesy is far less reliable. They authenticate by pictures; the sellers hold on to the goods and ships them themselves. The Real Real authenticates and ships in house. For instance, I bought a special edition double sided leather Proenza Schouler PS1 (in fantastic condition with the dust bag) from The Real Real for about $400. Fantastic price for a $2250 bag. Tradesy had the same one for $1250.
  8. I just found a little black Marc Jacobs clutch on sale for 31$!
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  9. Alright!!
  10. Great deals and the bags are so pretty!
  11. Gorgeous bags! You inspired me to go check out prices too. I’ve always wanted a mini stam but never got one for some reason and the prices are excellent there. May take the plunge
  12. I do go look. They have many mini stams, including a caramel patent one that looks enticingly good.
  13. And here I go again. What's wrong with me? I just ordered a chartreuse smooth leather medium Incognito.
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  14. Love that color! I ended up ordering a mini stam. Can’t wait for it to get here!!
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  15. Yayyy!