I scored a classic Oak Darley!

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  1. Hi guys originally I wanted to get a lily in rosewater but after seeing the large darley my heart goes out to her more although the Lily is a beauty but I'm very concerned with the chains digging into my shoulder. So yep my 1st luxury purchase after more than 7 years!! :nuts:I was on a bag hiatus because i wasnt working last year.. and now decided to reward myself.
    Moreover this beauty was 40% off the original price! :biggrin:
    I posted a picture of my previous mulberry hobo (also got it @a great price) for you guys to see. :heart:

    20180609_195712.jpg I'm gonna enjoy this beauty for awhie:heart: 20180609_195539.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag! I am sure you will enjoy using her loads-such a lovely treat. They are expensive bags so you have to go with your heart-she is lovely and will look great all year round, but I think the oak is especially pretty in summer! Enjoy!
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  3. Well deserved treat!

    Congrats on the beauty :biggrin:
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  4. Loving the new Darley! The colour looks great too - hope you enjoy wearing it!
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  5. Congrats! It’s gorgeous.
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  6. Oh yea! Me too. This whole week I have been carrying her she's spacious too.
    I can even put my cranberry bun inside