I say we all should go shopping...who's in?

  1. I seen that the Hermes girls are all meeting in Vegas..what a grand idea! I say we should plan some sort of get together trip somewhere..for a fun LOUIE shopping spree!

    I wouldn't want to copy them..but VEGAS is the City that never sleeps..anyone else got any ideas? I'd be in ..if we could get a bunch together...hell...I'd start saving today!!...

    Anyone a good planner or organizer??
  2. Y'all can come here to Chicago!!
  3. Oh~ I definitely CAN do either one! I am due a trip as last year I did not take one (DH and I get one trip a year to hang w/ the friends!) I would love it!

    I desperately need a break ...I have had a really bad year and i am counting the days until summer....
  4. I would love to do something like that, but i live in germany :crybaby:
  5. uh, YES!!!! I LOVE chicago, and Vegas is fabulous and nothing but a shopping spree,,, oh god, we could do some serious damage..... yikes... I'm in, a good organizer, but I'm all organized out right now,,, so, count me in, but no more work at the moment, pleaseeeeee......
  6. Ghost! It would be so fun to meet you, loved seeing your yellow epi speedy today.... you look berry kewl.
  7. San Francisco!

  8. ...Wouldn't it be fun to go to Germany and then head over to France and visit LV!!!!!
  9. hahahaha! Ok..we will let you off the hook on this one;)

    I'd love either location...Chicago is just a short plan ride away! Never been to the windy city either! I hear they have great pizza there too! :graucho: (double bonus)..hahahaha

    Lets see how many are interested. I think it would be great fun!
  10. :yes: San Francisco!
  11. OMG...That would be fabulous! I cannot even imagine the fun we could have!!!!:nuts:
  12. The weather in Arizona is beautiful this time of year....

  13. San Francisco seconded!
  14. Thanks! I would love to meet you to veronika! You and I have a lot in common I think~

    We need to set up a pole of Five places and have a vote...users should only be allowed to vote 1 time for one destination.

    Then we need to establish a time of year (i.e, summer, long weekend (memorial day) etc....

    Then find out who is In based on dates and place.

    Just to get the ball rolling:yes:
  15. That is an awesome idea Ghost. Can we elect you as the organizer? :graucho: (I would..but I suck at it...just being honest)...;)

    We've heard: Chicago, San Fran, Arizona and Vegas...just need a few more destinations. I think later spring would be great...no worries about weather