I saw...

  1. ...two women walking down the street in Toronto yesterday, and one had a notte bambinone.

    The catch?

    They were both about 80 years old!

  2. Aw, how cute! I love it when older women embrace the fact that just because you might be a grandma, grandma PURSES are never okay!

    My mom is 41 (which is nowhere NEAR old, but some people her age sure act like it!) and she would totally carry a Tokidoki bag...she wears cartoon tshirts! :woohoo:
  3. Thats adorable!!
  4. on the other hand, last night while out eating dinner w/ my extended family in Oakland Chinatown for Mother's Day, i ALSO saw a super old grandma wearing a zucca-looking bag w/ this horrendous flower print. wtf? not to mention, similar situation a while ago...saw an old grandma ALSO in Chinatown wearing an "original print" toki bag in a style that looks similar to REGULAR lesportsux bags! i wanted to gag -___-
  5. i think i'd still be wearing cartoon tshirts at 40 too.. hehehe.. people are looking younger nowadays because they dare to dress younger too. now doesn't that give us more reasons to buy tokidoki bags since they can last us till 80 years old and above ;) i think as long as they are comfortable wearing/carrying whatever they have, not trying too hard to follow some trend, that's cool!
  6. I can't see my mom with a tokidoki purse (maybe just a caramella or something), but she won't ever look like a grandma either!

  7. Yeah exactly, I'm trying to get her to buy a Tokidoki bag, but she thinks it's too loud for her.
    She did steal my Nici sheep messenger bag, and said she'd wear my Bastardino white tee, but that's it. :push:
  8. I gave mine my big red Coach tote that I never use any more. But she loves monkeys!
  9. My Mom has a Citta Campeggio that I bought her for her 67th birthday last fall. I had never figured her for Tokidoki lover, but when I visited her last summer sporting my Tan Playground Campeggio, she just loved it. So I took a chance and purchased the Campeggio for her last fall and she loves it. She uses it as a carry-on for plane trips all the time now.:lol:
  10. Haha aww the other day I saw a woman probably in her 60's carrying around an inferno buon viaggio with her husband. I thought it was cute :p
  11. My mom has a Amore Mamma Mia, but she's not that old :biggrin:
  12. my mom (in her mid-50's) is usually into coach bags, and tried to get me into that to no avail. so i thought when i brought home my first tokidoki bag (foresta zucca), i thought she wouldn't like it. but she loved it to my surprise... so for mother's day i got her a spiaggia stellina... she was sooo happy.
  13. I wish my mom would use it. I can tell she wants to, but she feels it is too young for her (and she is only 53). My mom is like that: a dedicated black purse person. Maybe I should get her something in the notte.
  14. hmm i don't think my mom would carry one.. but when i brought my inferno gioco to vancouver, my grandma loved it! i'm thinking maybe my sisters and i will get her one hehe (but the catch is.. she already knows the price of it.. and when she heard the price she was like :shocked: so she'd probably make us return it if we did get her one! )
  15. Tell her you got a good deal!