I saw two new bags in Waikiki!!! Very Bad Art attached

  1. OK, I am embarrased to admit that I actually make a living as an artist...:p
    but these I made with my mouse...so please forgive the poor quality. Also, apologies to those who read this in the inventory thread already, here are pics to go with the descriptions

    Prices are approximate, as (as I mentioned in the finds thread) I was overcome with rouge h intoxication. There was an incredible rouge h box jige elan that made my knees go weak.

    I hope these havent been posted before, apologies if they have, they were new for me!

    The first is the Cabas Tote. I was made of 100% ebene BARENIA!!! It is a STIFF STIFF bag, that has no slouch whatsoever, and probably never will. The lather was easily 1/8 inch thick. It is bucket shaped, and unlined. It has a drawstring herringbone insert, which sits in the bag and can be secured with a strap with a snap that forms a loop on the end. Or, you could use the strap for your keys or whatever, and remove the insert completely, and carry the bag naked....YUM. It looked awesome with a scarf tied on..

    Its straps are like a kelly or birkin, in that they are rounded and very beefy, and are attached via palladium circular loops to a pair of beautiful plackets on each side. This bag really seems to have a saddle feel, in its thickness and emphases purely on the leather, not the hardware. GORGEOUS. The one I saw was pretty substantial in size, maybe 11 inches high, excluding the handles.

    I think it is about $3400, I remember thinking it was around the price of a swift pochette.

    This is a perfect prix de diane bag, IMHO!


    The other is the Chaine D'ancre clutch. The one I saw was ORANGE CHEVRE lined in matching agneau, the same buttery silky soft lining in the bolide. I nearly swooned!!

    It has, I believe a zipper pocket inside, or maybe no zipper, sorry, I cannot remember. It has a strap on the back side you can put your hand through, like a kelly elan. It is stitched along the outside, sellier style. It does not have a gusset, but because it has pockets and such inside, it is not flat like a jige, it has a bit of poof, so to speak. You can experience the beautiful inking along all the edges this way!!!.

    It was a little longer than the small jige. Its closure is a strap that is stitched onto the outside flap, and feeds through a beautiful chunky loop that poked through the flap. This one had GH I dont know why it is called chain d'ancre, as this motif is not in there. I think it was about 2200. I remember thinking it is not much more than a wallet. I think this bag would be incredible in chamonix. You could use it as an evening clutch, depending on the leather. It could go formal or casual. SO COOL!!


    I am sorry, that due to my DH hovering around looking at his watch I was not able to stay long enough to take notes, but I felt I MUST share this information.

    Both bags were incredible, and I am really quite enchanted with the tote. I am on a little ban at the moment but I think I may not be able to resiste the cabas tote much longer.
    chain d'ancre clutch jpg.jpg cabas tote jpg.jpg
  2. Hey CB -- I loved your illustrations -- I read your inventory update and my lacking imagination longed for some further imput, esp. regarding the Cabas. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, :heart::heart::heart:.... I can barely draw a straight line w/ my mouse, so bravo!
    Thanks again, Sweetie!
  3. Thanks for the information! You did a great job describing the details and giving us the visuals! :tup:
  4. Great illustrations, CB! Both sound absolutely delicious! Thank you!!
  5. MrsM, I thought of you when I saw that cabas!!! I think I would make a mess of it, with all the animals that I come into contact with....It seems to have vast expanses of smooth barenia that I found a little intimidating, but for someone whose life has a city component, well....????? You should call honey!!!
  6. Thanks so much for the pics and descriptions CB! UGH I am in love with the Rouge H box Jige I saw at SCP...aren't they just gorgeous? Knowing me though I'd spill on it (which I somehow did with my evergrain but luckily no harm done!) so although I'd love box or a Barenia like the Cabas I don't think they are for me. But I can't stop lusting after them!
  7. wow! you got busy!!!! sounds like you fell in love LOL. thanks for the sketches!
  8. CB, I just want to get something straight, I was told those Cabas Totes were to be made of Vache Hunter, a new leather that is very stuff and thick?
  9. ^^ You know, you may be right, HG..

    I asked the SA if it was barenia and she said yes, and then she said she had a barenia coat upstairs, and it wasnt barenia. so I bet you are right. It is very very thick. I would definitely be confident if you have heard it as vache hunter.

    To be fair, the bag had only just arrived....

    The surface treatment and color are the same as barenia, and it has the nude Hermes stamp as well (and, yes, I did take a whiff, so that is the same, too, LOL). But it is as thick as a saddle flap or skirt....

    (pic included for those who dont know saddle parts...)

  10. CB - you are so cute! love the illustrations! i cant wait to see those bags in our store soon!
  11. Ohhh, thanks so much for the pics. I've been dying to see and here more about the Chaine D'ancre clutch. I'm so bad with sizes though, do you mean the Jige PM or the itty bitty one?
  12. Gosh icechick...its hard to say....its between the jige elan and the regular little one....like a short majarani...??? definitely smaller than the kelly longue all 'round.

    not much help, eh....so sorry! I think you could fit a full size bearn inside, with maybe a razorphone and a lipstick and keys...Hoping i am remembering correctly. Once I started rubbing the lining, i got a little woozy.
  13. I think the proportions of my clutch drawing may be off a little, I think it should be a wee shorter to be more anatomically correct....

    someone please buy one!!!
  14. CB: I'd love to see the Chaine D'Ancre clutch! I think it looks gorgeous.
  15. I'm dying to but the Jige Elan is about the smallest I can get away with, oh pooh! :sad:

    Thanks for the explanation, hopefully it will feel bigger when I see it in person, lol!