I saw two MJ bags on the same day!!

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  1. Okay, I know for some people, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I rarely ever see MJ bags being carried (authentic, at least) and on Friday night, I saw TWO!!!

    I was at Tyson's to see "Knocked Up" and saw someone carrying a Patchwork Stam in Silver and another person with the Hudson-like bag (the one that Hilary Duff and Carmen Electra were photographed toting) in Chestnut!

    I got really excited, pointing them out to my FI who just rolled his eyes.
  2. SuLi, your FI sounds like my FI! He rolls his eyes whenever I point out a handbag, too! It's hilarious though, because sometimes he'll lean over and sotto whisper, "I think that one's fake!" and he's suspiciously correct most of the time!

    I love spotting bags! Isn't it delicious being in the know?
  3. Cool SuLi!! And those aren't just any MJ bags, those are very HOT MJ bags!! :nuts: :nuts:
  4. i get excited when i see mj bags too! i see them a lot in nyc though. actually, i saw a chili hudson on the subway the other day while i was on my way to work. my boyfriend inconspicuously pointed it out and said, "hey, don't you have that bag. is it real?" it was kind of embarrassing because i think she heard him. the bag was beautiful though. i wanted the chili color so badly, but it was sold out by the time i decided that i really wanted it.
  5. ^ Hahaha! My FI is getting so good at spotting MJ that whenever we do see something, he'll often point it out!

    Now, if there was only some way I can get him to actually buy one for me for a special occassion ;)...
  6. guys are so funny! they try to act like they don't pay attention but they do!

    On Mothers day after i got ready i wanted to switch purses so i got out a red clutch and put my wallet and stuff in it. When we got ready to go, I had s/t in my hand so i asked Matt to grab my purse. he picked it up and said "oh, isn't this your clutch stam bag?"

    I really almost died! he was serious!! I said why would you say that? he said well i see 'stam' on your purse forum alot...LOL

    but to his defense it did have a kiss lock opening, like a stam! and it was a clutch! hahaha
  7. How fun! I never see bags either except when I'm at the airport or in SF. I saw a quilted black Ursula bowler and a blake when I was there last, all in one day!
  8. How exciting! I hardly ever see MJ here. :sad:

    Tadpolenyc - My bf just started pointing out MJ bags and asking me if I think they're authentic too. I think it's adorable! :love:
  9. My DH just rolls his eyes when I point out an MJ in a movie...I get more excited about spotting it than the movie itself!!! Then I would be looking for the MJ to reappear in the movie so i could get a better look.
  10. i just spotted two girls wearing mj on my way to work. the first girl was carrying a stam, and immediately after, another girl crossed the street carrying a satchel. at least that's what i think it's called. the bag looked like a venetia except with the pushlock pockets on the side of the bag rather than the front. i love spotting mj bags, so i thought i'd share!
  11. it's so fun to spot mj bags! i hardly see them, but when i do i always end up staring, lol. i've actually seen more bad fakes (or knockoffs) than real ones, so whenever i see one that looks like it could be real, i try to figure out if it is. last month i saw a mother and daughter at the outdoor mall near where i i live, both carrying black mj's - a blake and a multipocket. it was so cute! :nuts:
  12. ^ Suli I love your posts!! You crack me up!!
  13. OMG! Thats funny Suli! My husband is the same- it invokes eye rolls.

    I got him to start noticing DVF dresses and Chanel sunglasses; He's not quite "there" yet with spotting MJ bags.
  14. One further...my FI can now recognize MbyMJ clothing!

    I think I've trained him well...mwhahahahahaha :graucho:!
  15. i live near the Dunn Loring area and I see a few marc jacobs bag at least a couple of times a day in the subway system...i've seen plenty louis vuittons, coach, and even gucci's...and very few balenciaga's. I think the least high end bags that i see are marc's and balenciaga's, sadly though those two are my favorites and i'd like to see more of them.

    oh and come to think of it..i've never seen anyone carry a Chloe unless I head on out to Tyson's Galleria.