I saw tonight how to win a Coach Purse

  1. well I was at a restaurant called Buffalo wild wings tonight eating dinner and I noticed they had a game prize machine called Stacker. and I noticed that one of the prizes was a Coach Purse Style # 10629 I believe..They also had a XBox 360, tiffany & co bracelet. Expensive prizes to win I was shocked Being a coach freak I went over there and took some pictures of the machine and the bag that you could win.. everyone in the restaurant kind of looked at me weird like what the heck is she doing?? I was thinking to myself they just wouldn't understand "It's a TPF Thing" lol.. so anyways I wanted to share this with everyone .. My fiance tried winning me the purse he lost like $10.00 and he said if he won the bag and I sold it on eBay after he wants 50% profit lol...


  2. Awesome! THat's a nice one too!!! That thing actually has prizes worth winning!
  3. I was a little bummed we didnt win the bag lol.. he was so close only off by one square all lining up.. ahhh
  4. That's great!!!
  5. I saw several machines like this in Atlantic City...I was laughing b/c you could actually win NICE things!!!! Too bad he couldnt win that Coach bag!!! That would have been great!!!!!
  6. I can't believe there was an actual bag in there... although I'm sure they're making a profit, if you couldn't even get it out.;)
  7. bw3's....... we dont have any in florida :sad: well not by me but up in orlando..... so everytime i go back home (to mich) i eat sooo much lol

    those machines are SO hard to win out of, they're so mean for teasing!!
  8. these machines are all over the jersey shore. there were a ton in wildwood and also all over the arcades in point pleasant. . .they were in crane machines. they are wayyyy to heavy to win....:wtf:
  9. wow i cant believe that!
  10. Wow that is crazy !
  11. How fun would that be if you won!!!!! :nuts:LOL..... cute purse too!:tup:
  12. Oh my family loves BWW!!!! We eat there every time we go to Las Vegas! :tup: I have never seen one of those machines though.. that is too funny! I used to have that same purse though!!!!! :p
  13. Wow thats amazing that they actually put the purse in there! Thats definetly a prize worth winning!
  14. Gotta love it! Its a choc. siggy soho flap:nuts: really cute bag. But I love the fact even more that you took pics for us!!:lol::woohoo:
  15. How do you play? We have a BWW near us in FL. WE live on the west coast though. Wonder if they have it there?!?!?!