I saw this today...

  1. it's nice, $500!?

    *crossing that one off the list*
  2. It's really pretty but not worth $500 - not even half that, IMO. Your Macy's is awesome - I never see cool stuff in mine.
  3. if i had a money tree i would buy this for sure!
  4. Sheesh, that seems very steep to me. I wonder why it's so costly.
  5. The Sa at Coach told me it has python trim , thats why it is so much
  6. Wow, $500? thats insane ...
  7. It's cute!!!
  8. Python trim that cost $500...I do not like snake that much!
  9. They had it in the glass case at King of Prussia.
  10. I think that trim is just leather. Maybe it's filled with money! :rolleyes:
  11. LOL...i guess they were afraid that someone would get squeezed.
  12. Oh my it's so cute!
  13. I saw this in a zine clipped to a big lucite bracelet. very cute!
  14. Valley Fair? I could get in so much trouble there. Last year a few coworkers and I ended up taking a 2 hour lunch there. 1/2 hour at CPK and an hour and a half in Macy's purse section.