I saw this Prada bag today...

  1. Hi everyone. I was out shopping earlier and I saw this cute Prada bag on some girl. It was suede I believe, with the "Prada Milano" words written across it in big letters. It was a yellowish tannish color, kinda squarish, with 2 handles, carried on the shoulder. Does this description ring a bell with anyone? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Did it look like this?

  3. Heightwise, it was probably half that size or so. And yes, it had that logo on it, but it was suede and only one color for the bag and handles I think. It was like a yellowish tan color if I remember correctly.
  4. I think it might have been this?? Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2013427 - Prada green suede 'Print' medium satchel

    I'm not sure though. I do see another style on Bluefly that's more boxy though, while this one is rounder on top. Does anyone know if this style came in a yellowish tan color and where I may be able to get one? Or if you can think of any other styles I may be referring to? Thanks!
  5. does bluefly sell auth. bags? i'm afraid i'm going to get a fake..
  6. Although I've never purchased from them, I'm almost positive that they sell authentic bags. Someone else can confirm.
  7. Bluefly has been known to sell fakes...Balenciaga..etc.....So be careful