I saw this on another LV forum

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  1. these are pictures I saw online from someone's LV blog


    * special thanks to the person who posted these pics online so we can share the excitement.:woohoo:
  2. those were posted here first! in some thread...
  3. I cant WAIT to get the Damier Neverfull GM!
  4. Probably one of LAs summary threads. They can't top tPF.
  5. Wow, look at the lining on the Damier Azur Neverfull. That will be THE summer bag.
  6. Well I missed it the first time around !!! Thank you for posting!! I want, I want, I want...a FEW THINGS!!!
  7. I want that Mini T&B soooo bad. Thats a great picture of it that I haven't seen before. I just don't know it it's been pushed back. Anyone?
  8. I remember seeing that pic of the mini T & B and I believe it was photoshopped, just so we could get an inkling of what it would look like when it came out.
  9. nice! i want the boshpore. hmm.
  10. *sigh* sometimes I wonder why I bother (only joking)

    There is never any need to go elsewhere for your info all you need is tpf I posted those pics months ago (with thank's to a number of tpfer's)

    Find a post of mine (i'm on cell now so I don't think it adds sig) click my sig "timeline" to see everything etc etc
  11. It's a no go on the mini Damier T&B pochette :cry: I just called two stores and both said it wasn't in the system at all. Oh well.
  12. ^The mini T&B Damier pochette is coming but that image is a photoshop version we couldn't wait for the "real" images

    the only problem is they keep moving the release date so we don't truely know when it's coming but don't give up

    Guys I have already started the Summary for the Spring Summer season too there isn't any info yet but when it is that's where it'll go so make sure to book mark it or just keep checking back the threads get very long and it's easier for you to keep up to date by regular checking rather than going through hundreds of pages in one go (trust me it's hard going)
  13. ^^ Yup. All you need is tPF (and some LVoe). :yes:
  14. hahahaha... you should tell that person to thank the tPF for these photos.
  15. I hope they said they came from TPF! the people that spend time putting these pictures on here deserve some credit!
    Woo for Tpf! LOL