I saw this Birkin and went to heaven

  1. Stunning! Too bad the humid weather in my home country will not be so friendly towards the grizzly leather!

    Is this a limited edition for Japan only?
  2. Love it but probably wouldn't buy it because I would just get scared of the suede getting dirty. :flowers:
  3. Veau Grizzly + Ghilles. WOW !:heart::heart::heart:
  4. Lovely green!:heart: Grizzly is decadence. I'm sure this one is a special order. For me, the best design creation Hermes has make so far will be the Grand Marriage!

  5. looks like vert laurier to me, but not quite sure.
  6. you said it very well, dear Aminamina, IMHO, the materials make it a more fall/winter bag, if iI make sense?:p

  7. I've known this reseller for many years. She only sells authentic bags, but she is more of a collector than reseller...keeps all the HG and get ride of others, maybe i should persuade her to share the collection on tpf, absolutely much more interesting than mine.
  8. My guess is this is last fall winter collection where Hermes did the Victoria in similar combo. I have seen this in a brown
    Version as well and my SA confirmed that the brown was last fall winter collection.

  9. I don't think it is excursively for Japan. Ueynah, if you were in HK, I would suggest you carrying a dehumidifier with this cutie. :graucho:
  10. i have the same concern
  11. DOBLIS!!!
    Can this be Laurier, so rich looking!

    Thanks for sharing HP^

  12. Dearie IFFAH, what does "Grand Marriage" refer to ?:sweatdrop:
  13. Lol just read it's grizzly, mayhaps, more contact friendly than the finer doblis.
    I would need to leave this one on the shelf tho...

  14. :smooch:
  15. it is beautiful but no near to your vintage kelly collection.....it is always haunting me ...:graucho: