I saw these in BG/Saks NYC today if you gals are still interested

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  1. in case u gals wanna know...i went to BG in NYC today...and saw these on display


    Beige GST Caviar (forgot if it was ghw/shw)
    Classic Flap Beige in Lamb and Caviar(saw it in ghw/dunno if they have it in shw)
    E/W Beige flap (dunno if its ghw/shw)
    Timeless Clutch in Black and Beige
    Classic Flap Bag in Lambskin Jumbo in Forrest Green with SHW


    Classic Flap Bag in Lambskin SHW navy
    Black Mini in lambskin and caviar
    Maxi (or jumbo i forgot ) in RED Patent Chevron
    Peach (maybe coral) in Mini
  2. thank you for the info
  3. thanks--the forest green?? that wasn't chevron? was it that same green though? very interesting...
  4. ^^yah- forest green sounds interesting- I have never seen it
  5. I think the OP is referring to the dark teal lambskin. I was at BG today, and they had the jumbo and maxi dark teal lambskin on display, they have been there for a while though
  6. I saw the green chevron in Harrods on Saturday and it was so pretty.... am contemplating buying one as my first chanel but both Harrods and Sloane Street Boutique do not have them at the moment
  7. Is this a teal chevron?? or something different? Do tell:P