i saw THE WORST chloe fake!

  1. Ok, so i work on a checkout in tesco 'supermarket' whilst im in school and that means i get to see everybodies bags. Well! today i saw this one woman and she looked ROUGH! she had THE WORST EVER EVER EVER fake chloe paddy hobo!! it was 'meant' to be a tan colour *i think* but it was ORANGE!!! and plastic and had cheap lining inside, the packlock was all tarnished and the leather going round the padlock was all bitty and falling apart and to be honest if id said oh i love your chloe bag she would have said... who? im not being nasty or undermining people but the area i live in has lots of estates around full of druggies/scum basically! (however i dont live in an area like this theyre just around) and my shop is where they all come.
    I also saw a bad betty tan fake, although it was soooo much better than the paddy hobo!
    god! can you tell i get bloody bored at work! i sooo wanted to take a pic though but i cant have my phone with me :sad:
  2. I know there are some really bad fakes out there, but there are really convincing ones too. I sometimes wonder if people look at my Paddington or Silverado and think it is a fake!