I saw the squichy bag today...

  1. Hello! This is the first time I'm starting a thread. Kinda nervous :P But I know you are all so nice, so here I come!!

    So I went to the LV store today to pick up my Groom agenda in Red, and when I was checking out, I flipped through the look book and asked my SA when would the squichy bag (and the messenger bag, you know, both from that line) came out. And she told me they are launched TODAY! So I got really excited and asked her whether she had received any pieces in the store. She said she has only one white squichy right now. I really really like the RED one, but hey she has one at least, who cares, I just want to look at it (and touch it, heehee...:graucho:)

    So she went into the stock room and emerged with a BIG dustbag. I knew immediately the bag was larger than I had thought (it's at least 17" x 17", just an estimate, don't quote me on this :rolleyes:). When I saw the bag itself, I was wowed. It was really a unique bag in terms of style, material, and everything. The outer shell was vinyle (as the SA told me), the lining was veal skin and it was really soft. It was a very roomy bag. But I just don't like the color white. After searching for threads on Squichy and having read that it looks like a trash bag, I just couldn't help thinking about this comment :P. Because I don't feel connected with the white bag I tried on this afternoon and I didn't know how to describe it. But now I really think the white and the black one looks a bit like trash bags when you see someone carrying it from far away....(please don't kill me!!)

    However I do think the red one would be striking! After seeing those eBay auction pics on the red Squichy and seeing the bag in IRL, I further confirmed my thoughts. And the retail isn't bad either, the price is about $1700.

    Thanks for listening to my story. I am interested in this bag but just haven't seen a lot of update on it, so just want to share with y'all. :flowers: I wish I had taken pictures, but I didn't think that was allowed in the store? (I dunno...) If someone has bought it or has more pictures, please share it with me!

    Here is the eBay link for the red Squichy. Gorgeous IMO. :drool::drool::drool:But the price this seller charges is outrageous compared to the real cost.
    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON MONO 06/07 RED SQUICHY BAG /FIRST ON EBAY (item 320033694044 end time Oct-10-06 05:45:11 PDT)

    Excuse me for my poor English.:sweatdrop:
  2. You're English is quite good, don't worry about it. Yes, the white and black squishies do look like trash bags to me, but maybe the red will be much more attractive. Congratulations on the groom purchase--looks like red is your color!:yes:
  3. Oh rachelkitty you are so cute! Welcome to TPF! Your first post has been so informative and so funny!

    I can't wait to see this $1700 trash bag!
  4. Aww you got to see the bag IRL. I think it's very unique.
  5. That's what I thought too, a garbage bag! lol! The LV hefty.

    Sorry, those who like it...
  6. I love this bag
  7. Welcome, and thanks for the auction pics...I agree, it does look like a trash bag, a very expensive on at that!
  8. I think its cute! I am so jealous you got to see it IRL!!!!And your english is PERFECT!
  9. I love this bag, especially in the red!! It does look a bit like a trash bag, but its such a beautiful color, I would get it.
  10. I love this bag too!
  11. [​IMG] WELCOME!!
    I can't wait to see a squishy bag IRL, thanks for posting & sharing your info. The bag sounds cuter & larger than I expected, can't wait to see it now.
  12. I don't think it is structured enough to be practical.
  13. I agree! but.....the red one looks hot.
  14. welcome to the forum!! and thank for sharing the info! that's awsome you got to see the bag...I would love to see it but I would not get it...you're right it does resemble a trash bag!