I saw the sky !

  1. I went shopping for x'mas gifts when i saw a city and a work 08 sky blue hanged on the wall of the balenciaga corner at the printemps haussmann. Of course, i went straight in to try them on !!!!! What a beautiful color!!! I wanted to take a spy picture but forgot my camera at home, sorry girls. They don't have the other styles yet, just work in RH and SGH GGH, city RH and SGH, GGH, i especially loved the RH work.
    I also saw the vert thym in RH, the color looked more saturated than the vert thym on GGH SGH. :tup: Yummy colors, it's time to save up!!!!:boxing:
  2. Was the sky blue similar in color to any other Balenciaga colors or totally different?:smile:
  3. Lucky you! For seeing sky blue and also being at Printemps haussmann!
  4. powerpuff, it's pretty close to teal i'd say but less blue in the shade, much denser than the previous sky blue. the color is awesome. the color of the thread is in a darker blue. i'd say it's pretty close to this pictures posted by handbaghotspot in october.:tup:
    sky blue.jpg
  5. powder - hgbags uploaded a photo of sky blue in her thread about keeping her gorgeous bubblegum pink first!

    I cant seem to find the thread!
  6. Stupid me - the thread was right in front of me!!!!

    Here you go..

    Hgbags hope u dont mind that i posted this from your thread :smile:
  7. i love it with the silver and regular hardware. what to choose?
  8. lovely, i feel that the sky blue i saw was a bit lighter in real light at the shop. Just because the picture has been taken without flash i guess.
  9. It almost looks like Blue India a bit!
  10. Oooh this looks so pretty! I can't wait to see this & Electric Blue IRL to see which I prefer.
  11. i think i ll fall for the turquoise, sky blue is so nice but i drooled on pictures of turquoise b bags on this forum, they are all absolutely fabulous. but it'll come out only in march in paris, long long time from now. but it'll worth the waiting. i'm sure.
  12. It is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I had never even considered Skye Blue till I saw that gorgeous photo of it in hgbags' thread. It is just so pretty and also reminds me a little of Blue India.
  14. The Sky Blue is stunning, especially if Electric Blue might be a bit too much for some. Thanks for posting, and it does look great with all hardwares IMO!
  15. [​IMG]