I saw the silliest, most disgusting fake yesterday...

  1. I was at CVS, and the women in line in front of me was carrying a really bizarre bag. It was shaped like the LV Ellipse PM, was bright orange, was supposed to look like ostrich, and said 'Prada' on it. It was weeeeeeeird!

    Just wanted to share :p
  2. OMG, I wish you had a photo of it--it sounds terrible. :yucky: When you said CVS, I thought of my local CVS where they have a rack of plastic cosmetic bags that are supposed to look like designer bags but are pitiful imitations.
  3. I've seen quite a few women carrying "Prada" bags that are "color blocked". By color block I mean there are squares of different colored leather sewn together to create the body of the bag. Somehow, I doubt Prada made such a thing, but I could be wrong. I've added a pic of a fake Kate Spade bag from ihatecounterfeitbags.info that looks like what I am talking about. Imagine the bag in this pic with a Prada logo instead of a Kate Spade logo.
  4. I've seen a few of these around as well. They're usually made up of cream, burgandy and brown patches. They're quite possibly one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.