I saw the Rose Maggie Breast Cancer Bag

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  1. Had no plans to go to Coach tonight but I ended up there anyway. You've probably read about the service there at times - not so great. I've always thought it was top-down management issues, and I think I confirmed it tonight. The manager wasn't there, and the 3 SA's were AMAZING!! I knew 2 of them very well and as soon as I walked in one of them said - "oh sit down and let me get bags from the next floorset for you to preview!".

    So she went to the back and brought out the "Breast Cancer" Maggie and a bunch of Sophias and Madisons.

    The Breast Cancer Maggie was really pretty - a rose pink and the hang tag is embossed with the pink breast cancer ribbon. It was a little too pink for my taste - but definitely a pretty bag. They had no idea it was a Breast Cancer bag until I pointed it out to them - they told me I should be working there.

    I finally got to see Sophia's big and small after all the hype on here. :P I thought the small one was adorable, and if I was more of a satchel girl, I might consider one. I saw the camel patent and TBH, I thought it was icky - the color was just so blah. I also saw the patent crimson, and as much as I hate patent, it was nicer than I expected - but I still wouldn't want one. I also saw the regular black leather. She also showed me a large Madison bag that made me LMAO cause it was so huge. I tried it on and they all cracked up. I should have taken a picture, it was a riot.

    She said the Sophias, Madison shoulder bags, and new Maggies inc. the "Breast Cancer" Maggie would all be part of the floorset on the 25th - so in time for the PCE which ends on the 26th.

    I also saw the eternity scarf and didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

    So far the only thing on my PCE list is a Daphne necklace which isn't new - it was around for last PCE.

    I was really happy to see the SAs smiling and relaxed and happy and actually having fun. When the manager is around they are a lot more serious, way too professional and much more stressed out. Tonight was one of the most fun times I ever had in there and I didn't even buy anything!!
  2. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that you loved the small sophia. I'm a satchel girl and am so excited to see her!
  3. Sounds as if you had a great time. What kind of Madison bag will be out? It's my favorite collection and I'm looking forward to using my EPCE.
  4. Have you seen a small one yet? She's really small - and I think very sweet. The SA's mentioned something about it coming in fabric? I assume they meant siggy? I would be interested to see it in a siggy pattern actually.

    My store said this floorset changeover is going to be the biggest one they've had in quite some time, so I am excited to see what is coming out - although I think I've probably seen most of it here. :P
  5. Sheesh - besides the shoulder bag I'm not sure. It was a bit overwhelming - they kept throwing bags and information at me. . .
  6. ^^ Sounds like you had a great time tonight, Chrissy :smile:! I can't wait to see the colour of the Breast Cancer bag -- is it only in the Maggie style? I am not really a fan of Maggie :sad:.

    I am reconsidering the Sophias too .. LOL! Even though I have the Madison on order (and yes, I know it is big, but it is a good size for me ;)), I may need to see what else is coming :smile:!
  7. Can't wait to see the "Breast Cancer" Maggie!!! I love Maggies, I bet it is lovely!
  8. I'm jealous, I wish I had gone with you! The one bag out there that I want is the crimson sophia!
    PRODUCT Coach Mia Leather Maggie to benefit BCRF
    WEB ADDRESS www.Coach.com
    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A classic silhouette, the Mia Leather Maggie is versatile and
    functional with rose-hued leather, soft pleating, and elegant
    brass details. The Pavé Turnlock Key Valet and Op Art Scarf
    also benefit BCRF.

    20% per retail sale


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  10. Beautiful bag and a great cause! I just wish it had silver hardware.
  11. Wow is this bag gorgeous....
  12. Hmmm - since they are donating to breast cancer, will they still let you use PCE on this bag I wonder? I don't want it, just a general question. . . .

    It's like MAC won't let you use their back-to-mac program for their Viva Glam lipsticks because the proceeds go to AIDS research. I wonder if Coach is taking a similar stance on the Breast Cancer benefit bag??

  13. Wow, the color is simply gorgeous! *wants*
  14. I love this too! But think pink should have silver hardware