I saw the Pomme Heart

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  1. as well as the MC Heart today at the Stanford store.

    They are really cute! Also had the new charms cles (and it can be used as an extender too!) (what is this called?) It's $280.

    Anyways all are very cute! They will not fit a credit card whatsoever though.

    My Mom got a Monogram MM Agenda.

    It felt weird not shopping with our SA at Valley Fair (yes Tink, it felt like we were cheating! LOL)

    I came "this close" to coming home with a shawl. Not sure which color I wanted though. LOL. I liked brown, I liked the black, but they had a denim blue that was pretty too. I'm holding out for my first inclusion piece.
  2. LOL, I soon as your post, I assumed you went to VF...how funny!

    Did you go NM, too?

  3. Yes they are stunning, I looked at mine today, gutted I had to put it back in bag and leave it there.

    Do you mean the keychain? thats great also and that too is in my bag awaiting collection on Thursday but thought it was $300?
  4. Yep we did go into Neiman's. My Mom had to order her new card. She had an account there from back in the day. And had cut up her card when she paid off the bill, but got one "just in case." LOL.

    We didn't get anything though, but that's where I saw the "denim" shawl.

    We usually go to VF, but my Mom told me, "I'm bored and want to go to Stanford." LOL.

    We're good for awhile. I always feel like I have to dress up more when I go there. LOL.
  5. Well, if I remember correctly, the look-book said $280. But who knows. LOL. It's really pretty though.
  6. LOL, so not only were you two timing, you were three timing...lol...
  7. :shame::blush: Yep. But I only came home with a Coach scarf (okay so I cheated on my Coach SAs) and a Juicy wristlet. LOL.
  8. I saw the $280 in the look book too. I don't know where the $300 price is coming from.

  9. If we are talking about this http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w107/loopylorns/S8000751.jpg then the pomme d'amour catalogue my SA gave me today has a price list in back that says $300, I'd be happy if LV actually made it "cheaper" for once :rolleyes:

    It is very pretty though,much nicer than I thought it would be
  10. Yep, that is the piece I am talking about.
  11. hehe if its $280 i can buy a starbucks coffee too!

    Why oh why do we all pay this amount for these little items?

    I got no idea but sure as heck gotta have it!:love:
  12. the tags on the dustbag at the store i went to said 300.
  13. i just came back from the boca louis store and i saw the heart! in pomme! they only had one and it wasn't for me! my sa had said as soon as it came in he would put it on hold for me, but he DIDN"T!!!!!!! I have been asking about this piece for MONTHS!!!!!!

    SO, a diff SA said he should have more in soon and he'd put my name on one! GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    so pretty in pomme though! the other colors just don't 'pop' enough for me.