I saw the pink bags on the NM site today at SFA...

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  1. Jill et al-- I saw the two pink bags at NM site today at SFA--the flowered bag is much prettier than I thought it was going to be. Had to pass though, IT WAS SO HARD!!!!! I"M STILL HURTING!!!! LOL LOL

  2. OOOOH!Did u see the first pink bag too?Is it a big bag?I think I may have to buy one of them...LMAO!
  3. I like the first one, too! I might be at Saks later to check it out..........uh oh :p
  4. i've been eyeballing those bags too. LOVE THAT PINK!!
  5. the flower bag LOOKS TO DIE FOR.

  6. CRUD...SFA carried the flower bag in a NICER,BIGGER size..Its 1980!!!ACK!
    Im getting it this week....I figure itll b the last thing I buy for a while..LMAO..as my daughter is due anyday now and Ill be busy with the baby(Like my excuses?HEHEE!)
    Longchamp..Is this the one u saw...Bigger one?
  7. couldn't get back to computer until now, but I see you found the bag at SFA, isn't it great. Oh please get it, I loved it, but going to Europe mid March and waiting until then to see if any other bags.

    ROFL, hope I'm not mad I passed on the pink flowered bag.