I saw the Perfume Print!

  1. In the look book! It's soooo ocute. It's pink with script Coach on it in different sizes, with perfume bottles on it. Cute. It was a tote style with a reddish orange trim on it. There was also a bracelet.
  2. oh wow!! does it have a wristlet? i remember bags4bubbles saying there is a wristlet and beauty case... =)
  3. I only remember the tote...but there could have been other pieces. There were two pieces on the page that featured it...just don't remember what it was.
  4. I went into coach today and looked at their book and saw the perfume bags and there is a cute one with kiss latch on top. It looked really sweet. I think there were about five to six items to go with that style.

    I also know there is a bigger water color multifunction tote for water color that runs about 328 or 369...I cannot remember. The drop I thought it said it was only 5.5 inches on the smaller tote and the multifuntion tote had a strap that you can remove plus a double handle with 9.5 drop it said if anyone is interested. I think the size on the bigger one was 14x8 or something along those lines. It was just too much to take in but I was interested in a bigger watercolor tote. It is not pictured in the catalog.
  5. Sounds super cute.
  6. A bracelet that I must have!!!!! And I think it was a makeup bag on the page with the tote....gotta have that too!!
  7. Cool.