I saw the padded ....

  1. for the first time today ... tried it on and it was really nice!!! :nuts:

    It was a dark brown that i saw. It costs much more than the regular b-bags. I wonder if it sells well? I have not seen much talk about this bag on TPF.

    What do you think of this bag? :confused1:

    It is too wintery? Will you use it for summer? Or is it too "sofa-ish"?

  2. I like these bags as well but I'd rather get another Bbag that's cheaper.
  3. MRG, i was thinking the same ... at the price, i could get almost 2 first.:graucho:
  4. "sofa-ish"~ that just cracked me up!:roflmfao:
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! I don't think it sells well or is very popular, but I LOVE mine! :love: It's funny because the first time I saw it in pics, I didn't like it at all, but when I saw it in person I just fell madly in love with it! I don't think it's sofa-ish. It's very Chanel-ish to me. I wear it a lot and definitely will in the summer time. I love the shape and structure of the bag. It doesn't flop. It is very expensive compared to other bbags though. There is a black one on eBay now that is much less than retail...
  6. zacorey, :greengrin: i thought it really looked like the huge vintage leather sofa my dad has at his place... it was dark brown as well!!

    The dark brown i saw on the padded was really pretty. very rich dark brown. like chocolate. I was wondering if it came in any other colors or any of the spring 07 padded colors would be nice .... anyone saw any in stores yet?
  7. Pewter!! I had for a moment thought that i must be crazy to be the only one who like this bag!!!! Yahoo! I, too fell madly in love with it! Which color did you get??:happydance:
  8. more pics...




  9. I like it a lot!:yes: I think I like it the best in black and cream.
  10. I've only seen the black at NM but it was beautiful & much larger than I'd expected. They are making them in all ?(so they say) colours in the new season. The one that I saw didn't have the chain & leather shoulder strap on it and I'm not sure if both sizes come with the strap... anyone know?
  11. I loveeeeeeee that bagggggggggg, It's going to be my christmas present from my DH, I can't wait to have it
  12. I love it, I love, I love it. I've seen it person, too. I want the bigger size, or I'd jump on the eBay one. LOVE! Like Chanel but younger and with an edge. LOVE! DID I SAY LOVE?
  13. I bought the black one on bluefly! With the 15% coupon it came out to be $1200-ish. It will be here tomorrow--I'm so frickin' excited!
  14. CONGRATS Glimmer! Make sure and post pics!
  15. Thanks MRG, I will!

    I wasn't in love until I saw it IRL. It's an awesome bag!