I saw the Orange PST!!!

  1. I was at Nordstrom at Topanga today and I saw the Orange PST!!!

    It was more of a rusty/dried mango color.
    There was also beautiful metallic small reissue type bags that I really wanted to take home :sad:...

    Sorry I couldn't get a pic...
  2. Oh, lucky you! Now, go back and take a picture LOL
  3. would i be allowed to? or would SA tell me no?
  4. Officially you are not allowed to do so. But some SA's are cool about it.

    That's why cell phone's with a camera come in handy. :graucho: Not that I want you to get in trouble of course :sweatdrop:
  5. I saw this today in Harrods as well, it is a very subtle dark orange, not bright at all, and it comes with silver hardware.
  6. Please someone take a picture for us.............:angel:
  7. Thanks for sharing, Syma! Now, where are your pictures? :lol:
  8. Ooh, I want to go head over to Topanga now and take a look. Orange is one my new favorite colors.
  9. I would love to see the PST in orange as well...rusty.../ dried mango?.... sounds lovely...
  10. Yes take pic if you can!!! I'd love to see it:smile:
  11. ooooh, I want to see!
  12. Nat,
    the orange colour is like our dutch "Orange kleur", but a bit darker or mat IMO (lol i hope i describe this good :lol:),and this bag is calfskin with silver hardware,only available for this season.....the leather look and feel very much like the Ligne Cambon :rolleyes:,as usual i am too late the black colour already sold out........
  13. I've seen this as well. I agree, it's not a bright orange but more of a darker burnt orange, similar to a pumpkin? I love it. I love the coral colored pink one more though!
  14. Please someone take a picture! I'm on the westside and don't want to drive to Nordstrom - Topanga for a look! But it sounds so cute ....