I Saw the new Spring Catalouge today!!!!

  1. My SA told me that she must love me b/c she let me peek @ the new catalouge for spring...... all the canvas bags are coming out and they're making it in a satchel AND a demi too!!!!! And so many more things.... everything is ADORABLE!!!!

    can't wait till it all comes out!!!!

    OOOOHHHH and and and they have the bleecker duffle in CITRON!!! It's nice and bright just like the magenta!!!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. Are the catalogs available at the stores, will they let us have one?
  3. i dont think so, it was one they had behind the counter in a drawer
  4. they wouldnt let me see it at my store today! either that or the SA didnt know what i was talking about. she was new! but still :sad:
  5. more description pleaseeeeee! im dying candac! any new carly colors?
  6. ummm.... to be honest, I really wasn't paying attention to the carlys, but the leather one is going to come in parchment/with dark brown leather again
  7. The SA I allways go to -Shes the best! let me see it today it was behind the counter also and I was telling her about what bag I want next The Med Lily so she backed ordered for me and as she was ringing me up. I purchased the tattersail cashmere scarf on PCE. She let me look at it! guess what when she handed me my bag she slipped the new Catalog in it! I have set down and looked at it and i want so much ! I really love those turn lock wristlet that
    comes in leather and signature that has been posted and so much more who else has seen it?
  8. :nuts: your SA IS the best!!!

    Any way you can scan the catalog? :angel:
  9. There is some great stuff in that catalog! You are fortunate to get the cashmere tattersall scarf. I ordered it today and there aren't many left at all.
  10. oooh please describe what was in the catalog!
  11. Can you please describe the satchel?
  12. i think its maybe a rule or something if you have a new catalog and dont post it.... come gals, give it up, come on.... (kidding....)
  13. Did you see anything pink or purple?
  14. oh man I'm dying of curiosity someone post scans of the catalog!!!!! lol ;)
  15. I guess if porn can be leaked through the internet so can a Coach catalog! This is too funny!!!