I saw the new look book too!

  1. Wow oh wow! It was nice to see better pics. The Dentelle is really cool.

    The new Damier totes are great too, love those.

    I'm jonesing for the denim zippy wallet ($595) or the denim Cles ($175). Oh and there is a denim camera bag, square, cross body strap and pocket with Koala clasp on front.)

    I like how the quilted bags are named after clouds (Cirrus, etc.)

    Of the new MC stuff, loved the one called "handbag." The "neo-Audra" was different.

    Oh, and the Mono Rivet Pochette. Cute!

    Oh and I liked the new soft-sided rolling luggage, looks sorta like a Keepall (no leather straps). They were $1500
  2. i wish there were pics!!!
    (but you did a fabulous job describing!)
  3. Ohhh, what kind of damier totes? Can you describe them a little....are they similar to any monogram ones?
  4. Denim Cles, eh? I can't wait to see a pic of it!
  5. The look book is huge isn't it? Did you see my drool marks on the hampstead GM? lol....did they still have the bronze vernis bucket?
  6. Looks just like the mini lin, rounded bottom...but in denim :smile:
  7. I want to see the book too! Can we just go in the LV and ask for seeing the book?
  8. That's what I did. Our regular SA was not there, so we just asked.

    I didn't see the bucket, but I must admit, I wasn't thinking about it. *gasp* LOL.

    Well, I did think about it, but got distracted by some Azur shoes. LOL.
  9. Wish I could see the book. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I think I did! :graucho:

    The book was huge, and my Mom complained I was going too slow. LOL.

    The Hampstead (Damier totes) are very cool. I think everyone will flip over them!
  11. Do you remember what month the Azur will be out? I can't remember the dates. Maybe I was a bit overwhelmed.:shame:
  12. I agree about the Hampstead! I called my mom as soon as we left and told her that I knew as soon as she saw this bag she was going to want it!
  13. lucky! i wish i was there! thanks for the info!
  14. i maybe remember this wrong but didn't it look like it had a little sort of pocket on the front?
  15. That was the rond