I saw the new legacy satchel!

  1. I just got back from Coach and my SA showed me the new legacy satchel in white! It is absolutely gorgeous and the lining is TDF with the stripes! She actually showed me that belonged to someone else and was getting me to order one before they sold out. I wanted to so bad! She is getting one in black and I think black for the satchel will be so hott especially with the gold hardware and the lining! It will definitely pop.

    So my suggestions to anyone who wants one, order it! I would if I had the money but it is definitely a hot bag for all seasons!
  2. I saw it as well and it's so nice. I can't wait to get one too.
  3. Post pictures! I would love to see this bag !! Congratulations!
  4. I love the bag, but want to wait till i try it in person before I take the plunge....waiting till tomorrow!
  5. Is it this one? It is gorgeous. :biggrin: I'm with you, though, I can't spend $700 on a bag right now.

  6. ^yup:love:
  7. Wow!! So pretty. I think that I would really like it in black.
  8. Such a great looking bag, I can't wait to see it in person.