I saw the new Flap Messenger!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Neiman Marcus in Short Hills has a black flap messenger for $959. I just stood there stunned and in awe, looking at the leather, the shape, the drop and modeling in my winter coat..in fact one of SAs ran over cause she just knew she was going to make a sale. Now I really can't wait for my anthracite flap messenger to arrive from LVR!! :jammin:
  2. OMG, that is so exciting. :yahoo:How come my NM is so behind. :cursing:What colors did they have? :smile:
  3. They only had 1 in black.
  4. Do you mean the flat messenger? Or the besace?

    Either way, I want some pics!
  5. NEITHER...it's the new "Flap or Flat Messenger" that wasn't supposed to be available in the US until Fall 2007. It's a flat square, with overhanging zipper flaps (like on the City). We had a thread about it last month and I think there were some pictures...I will try to find it.
  6. Thanks, esiders, for posting! Wow, I wonder if we'll be getting them here at NM Tysons Corner? Did your SA say if other NMs were going to get it?
  7. Thanks for letting us know! I would love to see a pic.

    At Barney's it seems like all the stores generally get a similar selection of styles and colors. I don't kinow if NM is the same, but it would seem likely that if one store has a certain style, other stores will get it as well. I guess we'll find out soon.
  8. That bag is so HOT! I am definitely getting this style (don't know what color) and I can't wait! Thanks for the update, how cool that you got to see it!
  9. wahooo..... can't wait to see yours when it's arrive esiders! :yes:

    the style is sooo cool
  10. I can't wait to see one IRL - I hope my NM gets it.
  11. So excited for this style to see IRL!
  12. I saw that bag at SHM NM on Monday and had Lee put it on hold for me, but I had to pass b/c dh's car needed new brakes and tires:crybaby: I thought he said it was $945, not $959 though. It was an absolute beautiful bag. I am hoping to get one later this spring.
  13. ooh thanks for the report!

    I can't wait to see pics