I Saw the Most Unusual MJ bag Tonite - Style?

  1. When I was at the Nordstroms Rack, they had several MJ bags available. They had a bunch of the Irina bags - the vinyl/leather tote bag in black, the quilted style totes in Black, Ivory, Red, Cocoa, Tan and Green, the Hobo Style in Red and Green and a small Bowler in Green. They had two large Hobo Bags that were a "bucket" style (w/rounded bottoms) - the name was on the tag, but I can't remember, and three of the Diane Satchels.

    I asked the SA if that was all the MJs that they had, and she pointed another one out to me. I didn't even recognize it as MJ. It was a large black tote bag that had this circle patchwork design on the front. It had a partial chain strap with large gold links with a longer leather shoulder pad. It also had this leather flap that folded over the top of the bag & fastened with a large circle clip with a solid black luggage tag attached. I believe the bag was lined with canvas (I think the hobos & Dianes were the only suede lined bags) and it had the gold stenciled name inside (no nameplate). I think the original price was $1095 or $1195 and the NR price was $499. The bag was sorta cute, but I never would have known it was an MJ of the SA hadn't told me.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know the name of style or the line? I'm just curious to know if there are other bags like this because it was a very unusual style.
  2. Sounds like the Alana bag. Nordstrom was the only buyer for this style which was released in Spring 07 from the Embossed line. It came in beige and black. I've seen only the n/s style IRL.

    ETA: Cheryl beat me too it! :p
  3. LOL thithi! :lol:
  4. Yes! That's it, except it was a larger tote - It was taller and slimmer (it was also black)
    Did I screw up by not buying it? I kinda liked it, but it just seemed too tall to be an everyday handbag.
    It was most definitely a tote style handbag.
    If they had had the smaller bowler version, I might have considered it.

    It was actually between the Diane and this bag - the Diane won out because (1) it was lined w/suede and (2) it has three sections plus three pockets - I love organized bags like this!!!
  5. I was just flipping thru my Dec issue of Vogue when I came across this ad for a Dior handbag - it looks very very similar to the MJ tote I saw tonite. The quilting is just a little different and it's missing the large ring on the front, but the shape, the chain straps and leather pad are almost exactly the same!