I saw the most gorgeous colour....

  1. Yesterday I went to H to send my Barenia baby to the spa:crybaby:.... I then looked through the swatch book with my SA, and she showed me the MOST beautiful colour/leather swatch: Boxcalf in "Prune" (plum): it's a mix between purple, dark red, and it also has a hint of brown....Does anyone have it? Do they make bags with it?? I'm in love.....:heart:
  2. Well...word is they are making bags in it as we speak, which will of course become available. I heard panting across the United States from someone on this color...the pants were directed right at me.

    I was in love with prune before, so kill me now!

    Prune boxcalf...LOOK OUT!!!
  3. Is prune one of the colours in these swatches?
    Hermes 2008 leather swatches.jpg
  4. If so...that's a great color. :smile:
  5. Duna - Angel2307 has just recieved a beautiful Plum Birkin in Ostrich. I know it will look quite different but lovely all the same.

    See her "Mr Froggy" thread :smile:
  6. No,
    It is not there.
    Seems like the not all colours are in these swatches, Prussian blue is not shown as well.:flowers:
  7. If prune is the official name, it is an old color that was unavailable in bags at least, for a while. I have it in a chevre coin purse. It is exactly as you describe it--a muted purple with brownish/reddish undertones. I think LaVan has a Kelly in it...
  8. OOHH, sounds beautiful!
  9. I have seen it before in a tiny suede Vespa - looked gorgeous. I understand Prussian Blue and Prune are mainly intended as AW2008.
  10. Prussian Blue sounds heavenly. What does it look like?
  11. Deux Armoires has a beautiful prune kelly in chevre, but I have never seen a prune box bag before. Sounds gorgeous, Duna!
  12. I remember DeuxArmoires having a Kelly in this colour, but I haven't been able to find it, but I so hope they'll make bags in the Boxcalf version, and not only small accessories...I'm definately going to pester my SA about it, LOL!;)
  13. Prune is absolutely gorgeous. I saw it in alligator for a Bearn. AMAZING.
  14. Yep! LaVan has a Kelly in this color (I was kidding her that it needs to be called "Aubergine" instead of "Prune".....LOL!!!!) Looks a bit like eggplant to me and it's LOVELY!!!!!!
  15. I can't wait to see this color!