I saw the most GORGEOUS bag today. What do I do!!!?

  1. When I fist saw pics of Anthracite, I really did not like it. I thought it was murky and blah. Well today I saw the most beautiful bag in person that TOTALLY changed my mind!

    It was an Anthracite Giant Hobo. The colour was TDF! :heart: Definitely more green than blue but not murky at all. The leather was SCRUMPTIOUS! Not matte, but not too shiny, no veining and it was nice and thick. There were two other Giant Hobos there (not anthracite) but the leather was :yucky: The bag was also not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. Cheaper than the twiggys!

    I would love to have this bag. But the problem is I have no idea what I would wear it with. I think it would look best with Greens and Browns/Beiges of which I wear none! I only have cool coloured clothing, tons of black and white with some accent colours. I also dont think its a colour that I would wear to pop against black.

    I dont know what to do! I love this bag but I'm afraid its going to just sit in the closet!
  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I actually HAD one and it was a beautiful bag.

    I loved the color all by itself but when I put it in my closet to see what I would wear it with.... it just did not work..AT ALL.

    Sadly, the only thing I felt comfortable wearing it with was white so I felt that it would sit in my closet too.

    Which is why I sent it back. :sad:
  3. I definitely think you could (and would) wear it with black. I have an 07 black City that has strong gray undertones, which I love with my mostly black wardrobe. There are just days when tone on tone appeals to me, I think it's very sophisticated. The anthracite will read in so many ways against black.

    That style and color would be perfect for jeans, especially with brown boots. The bag would appear transformed completely if it were worn next to blue or warm colors.

    Anyway, if you don't want it - tell me where it is...mmkay?

    (Buy it).
  4. Get it! I cannot even imagine how drop-dead it would be with GH in that particular style. You would have a very rare bag there, indeed. But rareness aside, the color is unbelievably beautiful. I have it in the Twiggy and have worn it with everything from black to brown to blue to ivory to sage green. Keep in mind that this color is a chameleon, and changes tones in different lighting, so trying to "match" it to clothing would be futile anyways.

    I would so love to see someone here with an anthrahobo with GH!!!
  5. One thing Im concerned about is BECAUSE its a chameleon colour, it may not work for me the way ink didnt work for me. I loved the colour but just did not find anything I wanted to wear it with.

    I wear my bags in 3 ways. 1) Style that suits outfit the best 2) What bag is colour coordinated with outfit the best or 3) Colours that "pop" ie. all black with a red bag

    Although this bag was DROP DEAD STUNNINGLY GORGIOSO, I personally dont see me wearing it with black, the same way I wouldnt wear ink with black. BUT IT WAS SOOOO HOT! :drool:

    Maybe I should just get it and put it in a trophy case :yes:
  6. Hmmm, ya got a point there. Fortunately I don't have the conundrum of needing to match my bag with my oufit since I just wear whichever bag makes my eyes happy that day. :smile:

    If you're not sure what you'd wear it with, then I would probably pass on it.
  7. BTW....I also saw a Marine Matellase that was the most perfect Blue I have ever seen. If they made a Giant Hobo in Marine with SILVER GH then I woulnt even have to make a "what do I do" thread....it would be mine in a flash!!
  8. I know....I'm so freakingly anal about coordinating my outfits. I had to go and buy a Giant Natural Brief just to go with my Winter White coat. On top of that, I wont wear the coat unless it goes nicely with my outfit underneath the coat so that the bag also goes with my outfit once I take the coat off! :sweatdrop:

    If I buy this bag...im gonna have to go buy some green.
  9. ^why not? Go buy some greens! Splurge on the bag and spend a tad bit more for a couple of shirts or sweaters in a color that will match!
  10. MY anthrafirst is constantly amazing me with her colour. I have worn her with a gamut of colours and like KristyDarling said she changes totally in different lighting. However it sounds like you have made up your mind, go with your gut feeling.
  11. Agreed...that is a great color....i love it too.....:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  12. ITA! Anthracite is such a chameleon color, it goes w/lots more than you think, LOTS more than ink. I coulnd't find anything to wear w/ink, either, but LOVE my anthracite gh work! Go for it!
  13. :yes: Me too. It doesn't have to match exactly but I like it to to either blend or pop but not get lost or clash.
  14. I agree blend or pop. I decided not to get the bag. I think I was more obsessed with the rich scrumptious leather more than anything, but anthracite was just not for me.

    Now to find an equally rich scrumptious bag in a colour I need!
  15. I guess I'm in the minority....I never "match" my bag to my outfits. I could care less. I change my bag when I get tired of carrying it.

    that being said...I wear lots of earth tones and I haven't felt that my Anthracity "clashes" with my outfits.

    If you love the bag, get it and don't worry so much about matching