i saw the most beautiful-est CC necklace/earring set at the boutique today...ro

  1. it comes in gold (not sure about silver), but it's a matte gold, quite pale, very pretty, and the CC pendant is fairly large, and it has 2 tone crystals on it...there's a dark one, w/ amber and burgundy colored crystals (they are not evenly set), and then there's one with lighter (gold and ivory colored crystals), it is so gorgeous, i love the earrings so much, for 1 sec i seriously considered piercing my ears so i could wear them. Not sure if anyone knows what i'm talking about, but it is really gorgeous. the necklace retails for $370 CAD.
  2. :confused1: Never seen this? From the sounds of it, I think I'd like to!
  3. mmm it sounds verrrrrry pretty!!!!
  4. i want to see this necklace!
  5. i went back yesterday to the boutique with DF, and he bought it for me, i tried on the cc crystal, this other cc blk with crystal one, and this one, and DF said "this one spoke to me", so we walked out with the most beautiful-est cc necklace...i so wanted the earrings too, and i'm seriouslhy contemplating having my ears re-pierced just so i can adorn these earrings (the first time i had them pierced they got infected). i will try to post pics soon.
  6. yes lpease post pics :biggrin:
  7. Can't wait to see the pics- sounds very pretty
  8. my camera isn't very good, ths pix doesn't do it justice, it's prettier irl and SPARKLES beatufiully against blk. the gold is a more matte finish, it's very pretty against the stones.
    i got the darker stone, as i said in my OP, there's one with lighter colored stones as well.
    chanel belt 006.jpg chanel belt 008.jpg chanel belt 005.jpg
  9. I like!!! I would do anything for a Chanel boutique here. They get so many more things then Saks & Neiman's. :crybaby:
  10. nice i love that
    i would love to have the necklace and earring set.
    i have to check into that
    i love the different colored stones
    how much and how big were the earrings
    i like the bigger cc's vs the smaller ones
  11. take pics with it on please, pretty please
  12. oooohh preeetty :biggrin:
  13. i will try to take some modeling pix later tonight, right now i'm in sweats. but it will definitely be hard to capture its beauty.
  14. the pendant is about 2.7cm across and 1.9 cm long (not including the little loop for the necklace to go through). hope that helps.

    the earrings were sooooooo grogeous! i'm still drooling everytime i htink about them, but they were definitely smaller, but i think are bigger than the cc crystal ones for sure. and they weren't studs, it sorta had a hoop part that it hangs from so it dangles, soooo pretty!
    if it helps, this is the information on the box
    07A A35227Y02003 collier Z3059
  15. Although it is not my style but I would say it looks nice :yes: