I saw the most beautiful bag... ^_^

  1. So there I was shopping during Xmas last year and in the midst of the crowd, I saw this neon pink Hermes bag, decorated with the cute Snowman Charm.

    It was much smaller than the birkin, and was made of ostrich skin. It looked like a kelly to me though I am not too sure myself.

    Anyone can identify this bag so I can get my bankrupt self inspired to save up and waitlist for it?

    Do post pics if you think you know which bag I am referring to... :flowers:

    I owe it to the beautiful bag to make it mine! :p
  2. Sounds like a Fuchsia Ostrich Kelly
  3. This is not a great picture. Sorry. Does it look anything like this?

  4. i agree fuschia ostrich kelly :smile:
  5. Does rose shocking come in ostrich?

    Oh and it could have been a Baby Birkin, in 25 cms.
    Did it have 1 or 2 handles?
  6. Only in chevre mysore :flowers:
  7. I love the color fuschia on ostrich.

    my grail bag is ostrich 35 fuschia =)
  8. Fuchsia ostrich Kelly is my guess too.
    Fuchsia ostrich is so gorgeous, I can just imagine how it can do that to you!
  9. Thanks Everyone for trying to help me pin this gorgeous bag down! :flowers::kiss:

    It does look like the kelly in the pic but without the top flap. It seemed to be open at the top, and to be closed by the strip across like we see on most Hermes bags, and also the one pictured in this thread.

    And it was really quite small to me. IMO, maybe only 30cm or thereabouts in length?

    :graucho: Hmmm...
  10. maybe the flap was tucked inside?
  11. maybe a kelly lounge?
  12. Care to show me a pic of what a kelly lounge looks like? :shame:
  13. I was just surfing the other thread on Fushcia Ostrich and I think the two bags there might just be it!

    Photos credited to the lovely ilovemylife and pepper!

    Can someone let me know what is this bag called and how much is the retail? How long a waitlist would there be for it?

    IMG_5159.jpg Etoupe%20and%20Fuchsia%20in%20action0001.JPG
  14. ;)It's Birkin. I'm not sure about the retail price. It's up to your luck to get it, maybe 5 months or 3 years.
  15. It's a Baby Birkin. 25 cms.