I saw the MOST amazing LV set tonight!

  1. I was at Louis Vuitton in Copley Place at Boston, MA. As I was wondering around, I walked around to one side and saw the Monogram Mink Messenger, Monogram Mink Scarf and Monogram Mink Bum Bag. Now talk about soft? Try touching one of those babies... The messenger bag is so beautiful IRL. Wow... if only I had $14,000+ for one right now lol. Anyone want one? Try calling the Copley store. I personally can't stand any of the associates at that store, so I buy from one of the smaller ones in MA.

    I just wanted to share my excitement for the night, day and week even... :smile: :smile:

    Happy Holidays everyone! :yahoo: :heart:
  2. I never heard of the Mink before. Do you have a picture?
  3. Here it is :smile:
  4. hmmm... ya. the Bum bag's one of my all time dream bags lol
  5. ~Beautiful:drool:~
  6. Aw. Its gorgeous!

    BUT, im animal friendly, so its out of my reach.
  7. OH MY GOSH! I saw one of those on eBay. They were soooo expensive. Yeah don't we all wish for those runway bag?
  8. Wow I didn't even know you could get them anymore! I would get the whole set if I could afford it :p Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yeah... I never thought I would see one of them IRL. Personally, if I bought one of them, I wouldn't ever wear it. I would be SO afraid of it getting any kind of dirt on it.
  10. that's cute but I can't buy any real fur items after I watched the video of "how it's made" on you tube. they still alive.....

  11. Cute...but I'd only buy it if it was fake fur :lol: Plus, it'd be more affordable too!
  12. oooo I want to touch! but 14K?????? I think I'll pass....
  13. :drool::drool: Love the MC Mink Scarf but it cost like $6k CAD.... -_-""
    and the Bum bag is like $8 CAD............ wish I had that amount of money for the scarf and the bag
  14. I saw one of these last year at the BH store..it was SO soft and beautiful.
  15. I loooove the messenger. I saw it over the summer at the new Nashville boutique (a suprisingly large boutique IMO). It was so soft. I was doing runway around the store pretending to be a wealthly russian oil heiress.