I saw the Miranda in White - GORGEOUS!

  1. I went to the mall to visit the Coach store as I was still struggling with which color to choose for the Large Bleecker Duffle - I wanted to checkout the pool in person.

    AND, there it was - in the window - the new WHITE MIRANDA!!! It is stunning! Not a snow white, but more of an off white. Just fabulous!! (and I don't usually like white bags!)

    So, I decided to save my money - and I'm going to skip the Bleecker Duffle and buy another Miranda in a couple of months (I already have the Black and Bordeaux - yikes!).

  2. ya know, I just was about to post...

    I spoke to the nicest CS rep at Coach a little while ago. I was wondering about the different patent Ergo totes and hobo sizes.
    Anywho...I started asking about different upcoming colors etc and she told me there is currently a Limited Edition Miranda Vintage Leather Satchel in PATENT PURPLE in the works #12295. She had no idea about the shade of purple but it will be very limited to about 30 bags.

    Also, apparently there will be a PATENT TRIM CARLY coming out around April.

    And a PATENT BLEEKER TOTE #12362 in "Blue, Mahogany and Plum"

    And another update, according to this CS rep, the Patent Ergo Large Hobo's are not going to be made in the new spring Pond color.

    And, finally, if you want the Pond Patent Ergo Hobo #11623, she highly recommended preordering it NOW and it'll ship at the end of January. There are only going to be 100 available at JAX for catalog orders and there will be a limited number going to some stores. The Patent Pond Tote is also very limited at around, I think she said, 350 at JAX and again some available at various stores.

    She couldn't find anything in Patent Pink coming out.

    I welcome anyone else to call and try to nail down some more info. You know how sometimes you get someone who likes to help and look things up and other times you get someone who says "that's not available" about everything you ask them.
  3. I think the Miranda bags are so classy! Do you like carrying them? I was worried they might be a little big and stiff... but they are sooooo pretty, so i'm really tempted!

  4. The Miranda is heavy - but I guess I'm used to heavy bags because I've always preferred big bags and I always carry way too much stuff. It is worth it for me - 'cuz it really is an elegant bag, and I get a lot of compliments.

    I hadn't been in a Coach store in a couple of years - but when I walked in and saw the Miranda, it was love!
  5. Is the white would you say like the Legacy Mandy white.... or even more off white than that? :confused1:
    I would love to have Miranda in any color :love: she is such a gorgeous bag!