I Saw The Look Book I Saw The Look Book!!!

  1. After waiting through this agonizing week, I saw all the new styles but couldn't take pictures since my phone was not charged and the battery died as I got into the boutique :hysteric:

    The denim patchwork speedy is definitely $1890. I love denim, but won't be getting that one. :s

    I saw the new multicolor bag with the fuschia croc trimming,the price was either $4200 or $4700, can't wait to see that one in April! :drool:

    There were also two new totes, both in damier and azur that I wouldn't mind getting. :yes:

    I know that some of this has been posted already but I just had to share what I saw. When I go back tomorrow, maybe I can get pictures, so wish me luck!!!
  2. Thanks, LVOE!!! Could you describe the Damier Azur totes?? TIA
  3. i'd love to know more about Damier Azur totes! Are they like noe, uze???
  4. Yes, please share more on the Damier totes. Thanks!
  5. What, no pictures? LOL. You're supposed to feed our addiction! :nuts:
  6. :yes::lol:
  7. Tell us about the totes. Are they hand or shoulder? :choochoo:There is no eager puppy icon for me to post, so I'll just put up the lame choo-choo one instead. :lol:
  8. please take pix if you can. I cant find my camera. I am going to look for it tonight, but the one on my sidekick sucks.
  9. stephania.... Help!! We need to feed our LV addiction.:sad:
  10. ooh I'd love to see the totes!
  11. Thanks for the update on the denim patchwork speedy...I'm definetly out on that one.
  12. I saw the look book too! The new Damier tote comes in 3 sizes the usual GM, MM, PM with adjustable straps (like the bucket or PH.) It had a rectangular shaped tag on the outside of one side similar to the Sophie. Pic was small but that's what it looked like. Cute bag! The azure looked more like a handbag to me. I think it said sporty azure? I think they are coming out in the Spring--April, May? Have to go back and take another look!
  13. ^Wow... Okay, I can't wait to go to NY now! I have to have a peek in the Look Book...
  14. GAH!! I want to know about the Damier Azur tote :wtf:
  15. I'm sorry ladies for the tease, I even said to my SA that "my girlfriends" were going to kill me for not taking pictures, LOL!!!

    The damier tote was more on the order of the cabas mezzo, but wider with handles like the bucket if I remember correctly, there were the gold plates like the miroir cles placed on the front of the bag. It was beautiful in my opinon!!!

    BTW, the elastic quilted handbags will come in two colors, there is also another bag shaped like the demi lune, it was gorgeous, don't remember the name though, sorry.