I saw the griet and OMG is it freakin hot

  1. hot bag!!! I love it, its big and I love, mmmmmmmmmm I need 3500. lol.I want it. :heart:
  2. I have to agree with you 100%. It is one of the hottest bag I have ever seen. It is quite large and the whole look was UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!. One of the best ever released todate I must say. Get one if anyone can afford it coz I guarantee you it will turn heads like crazy.
  3. It is a great bag.
  4. could someone post the pic pls, sorry for my stupid
  5. There's pics on here of it....do a search and you'll find them.
  6. The first time I saw the bag in the lookbook I loved it. Yet when i saw it irl it was a different story. I was totally set on getting it. I am like 5'1 and I feel that the griet over powers me. I guess I have to wait for my SA to call me for it. I just dont know if I will get it.
  7. I am still waiting for the call and I was #1 on the list, hmmm... I hope I adore it in person, but the price, ouch that is a lot for monogram I am not sure I will take the plunge. But I agree such an amazing bag!
  8. I got to play with the Griet in person today! My only received one right now and I am two on the list!!! Grrrr..... Anyways, I was having second thoughts about the bag but I am totally back on board!!! I love it and cannot wait to receive mine!! It is so gorgeous in real life!
  9. I agree! I wish I had the $$$$$ for it!!
  10. if i had the money for it, i probably would've gotten this over the speedy. i just love the shape.

    sounds promising for the newer griets that are rumored to be coming out.