I saw the gaucho in Saks today!!

  1. Saks NJ had one double gaucho in red and one in white! I tried them on, but wan't crazy about the double piece in the back. It really looks like a saddle bag that you would throw on a horse! I do love the look of the bag and got onto the list for the single. It should be in the store in a few days, I'll have to report on that one! Both colors are really nice!!!:nuts:
  2. Riverside Square, Hackensack.
    The saleswoman is great.
    Sandra Bernard201-646-0848
  3. I had the olive and burgandy on in a single at the Dior store in Short Hills! Its a great bag!
  4. Thanks! Sometimes SA's will take a photo of someone with the bag with their phone and email you to see if you don't have a Saks (or NM, BG, Barney's etc).
  5. A picture with my phone! (slaps forhead) I didn't even think of THAT. Brilliant!!
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